All those heavenly blues and piercing whites and golden beaches begging you to spend the whole day on them.

The Aegean Islands

Your real summer. Like no other.

All those heavenly blues and piercing whites and golden beaches begging you to spend the whole day on them. It’s as if summer was made for the Aegean islands. You’ll know about the stars… luxurious Santorini, stylish Mykonos and abundant Naxos in the Cyclades; and soul-soothing Kos and vibrant Rhodes in the Dodecanese. But you’ll also love discovering the likes of Serifos, Sifnos and Milos or perhaps Karpathos, Symi and Astypalea… as well as others where the feeling of summer goes on and on.

Explore the Aegean islands

Boat trips, walking tours, hiking and culture trips, delicious local products and recipes … and lots and lots of beach-time doing exactly what you’ve been waiting for. All with the generous welcome of locals there to take care of your every need, just the way you deserve. After all, these are the islands like no other!

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Exploring, tasting, sharing, discovering the very best of the Aegean islands
Be introduced to Rhodes’ local cuisine in island's taverns and restaurants.
A culinary tour of Rhodes
Kos is an ideal island for cycling lovers
Bike around Kos town
The most famous village in Karpathos island, with panoramic views
Karpathos | A bird's eye view
The Medieval Town in Rhodes
Time travel in the medieval town of Rhodes

Your real summer

Travel ideas (22)

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Bazeos tower, one of the most well-known monuments of Naxos

8 reasons to make you visit Naxos again and again

What if there was an island that had it all? A choice of sandy beaches...
Klima Village, Milos

Island-hopping in the Aegean Sea

All around the Aegean Sea are an extraordinarily diverse array of islands begging to be...
Fool moon on Naxos Island

Island-hopping from Naxos in the Cyclades

From Naxos, prepare to discover Amorgos, the Koufonisia isles and the so-called Small Cyclades
The windmills of Hora

The Dodecanese: An island chain made for hopping

From Rhodes and Kos to lesser-known Karpathos, Astypalea, Leros and Patmos

Naxos, your travel companion

Every summer, I get a lot of questions from friends who decide to visit my...
Τhe Temple of Demeter, the 6th-century BC sanctuary dedicated to the goddess of harvest and fertility

A tour of the Temple of Demeter on Naxos

To find the source of Naxos’ delicious agricultural produce, head to the Temple of Demeter,...

The Aegean Islands

Medieval Town in Rhodes


The Grand Master in the Dodecanese
Agios Stefanos, one of the most photogenic beaches on Kos


The healing beauty of Hippocrates’ island
Little Venice from above


An island legend where luxury finds its natural home