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From mythical mountain escapes to seaside treasures, discover Greece’s cherished natural escapes

Natural Escapes (19)

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The gate of the Olympus National Park

Mount Olympus

A mythical escape of mountain and sea
Fakistra beach, where some scenes from the movie Mamma Mia! were filmed here


A seasonal feast of mountain and sea
The beauty of its waters, reflecting the imperious peaks of the Agrafa range

Lake Plastira

A feast for nature lovers and adventure seekers
Vikos Gorge, the kingdom of the river and the eagles


Mountains, gorges and village life at their most majestic
Vikos Gorge, the kingdom of the river and the eagles


Mountains, gorges and village life at their most majestic
Metsovo’s main square is one of the most famous attractions of mountainous Greece


The aristocrat on the mountain
Arahova village from above during the winter

Arahova - Parnassos

Cosmopolitan air and winter fun, on and off the slopes
Continental Greece offers diverse landscapes and rich history. From alpine valleys to historic sites, it's a treasure trove of experiences.

How is it possible that such a small country has so much to offer? Maybe it’s time to find out. Continental Greece, with its succession of landscapes etched in high relief, is a treasure chest of unique experiences whether in the great outdoors or in the realm of culture.

Here you will find some of the most popular landscapes in Greece – landscapes with alpine valleys, mountain peaks above the clouds, gorges and canyons, paths through oak, beech and plane tree forests, rivers spanned by arched stone bridges, watermills, waterfalls, national parks with rare flora and fauna, precious wetlands. And in the midst of it all, the human element, centuries of Greek civilisation in harmony with the environment: There are rustic villages, ancient ruins that occupy the most dramatic locations, hot springs, isolated monasteries and chapels, castles, towers and abandoned hamlets, cheery mountain towns, and ski centres with beautiful chalets.

Popular destinations in mainland Greece

Every corner of mainland Greece will leave its imprint on your memory. From traditional Pelion to the Zagorohoria, the valley of Tempi, celestial OlympusMeteora with its awe-inspiring monasteries perched on rocky monoliths, to Ancient Dion, these are unique destinations of rare natural beauty with rich history and traditions. You’ll discover nature at its most transcendent in the mountain areas of Elati and Pertouli, around Lake PlastiraLake Kerkini and Lailia, Valia Kalda and Metsovo, the Prespes lakes with their hermitages and rare bird populations, and Nymfaio.

Here in the interior, the original Greece will be revealed to you – in the wondrous ancient site of Vergina and nearby Edessa with its waterfalls and the Pozar natural spa; in picturesque Arnea and Kavala with the ruins of Philippi nearby; in Karpenissi and its traditional villages; and in mountainous Nafpaktia, the Switzerland of Greece;  or at the more visited places, like Delphi and Arahova. You’ll find it in the Peloponnese in such places as Mt Parnon and the mountains above Corinth, Lake Stymfalia, of Hercules’ fame, Mt Ziria with its plateaus and pasturelands, Taygetos and mountainous Arcadia with the Lousios River and its attractive villages.

At every turn in mainland Greece, nature’s artistry and man’s achievements will amaze you.

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