Nightlife in Athens

A taste of the best nightlife around Greece

Cocktails, dancing and clubbing into the small hours: Welcome to the nation that defined the meaning of a good time
Cocktails, dancing and clubbing into the small hours: Welcome to the nation that defined the meaning of a good time
As long as it takes to drink a Greek coffee

Greece is always fun wherever you go: Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes, CorfuSantorini. And naturally at the world-renowned international hangouts such as cosmopolitan Mykonos, and those pumped-up party venues like Ios, Hersonissos and Malia on Crete, Lagana on Zante and Kavos on Corfu.

Get to know the many faces of Greek nightlife: chill out at hotel bars and retro joints on the islands, while moonlight streams down on picturesque harbours. Dance at bars on organised beaches; enjoy shots on the house and cocktails mixed and poured from dusk till dawn.

Ethnic, rock, Latin and Greek music plays at the stylish bars that decorate the islands’ alleyways, the streets of the alpine villages and cities throughout Greece. Speakers pump the latest House and Top 40 music at clubs, featuring guest DJs from all over the world. Parties and special events keep the night alive until first light. At fairs and festivals at village squares, where you’ll find yourself in the middle of a huge dance circle, hand in hand with the locals, taking part in their traditional folk dances.

When you leave Greece, the word ‘fun’ will have taken on an entirely different meaning! An entirely different meaning!

Ouzeri in Thessaloniki

Nightlife in Athens

The night in Athens has just begun. From your hotel’s pool bar, you’ll see the Acropolis lit up, sending the signal that it’s time to have fun! You sip your cocktail slowly, while the music gets you into the groove and the city spreads out in front of you, inviting you to join in its vibrant nightlife. It’s time to paint the town red.

You’ll discover thousands of ways to spend the evening: hip bars, open-air clubs and dancing on tables at bouzoukia, with live Greek music interspersed with DJ sets. No matter where you end up, you’re bound to have an unforgettable time.

Nightlife in Mykonos

In the Hora of cosmopolitan Mykonos, you’ll stroll along the whitewashed cobblestones and come across countless famous bars and clubs frequented by stylish Athenians and international celebrities. Design details with an elegant Cycladic aesthetic and smiling faces make for enchanting evenings filled with glamour and glitz.

The night rolls on, and you’ll head to a beachside club overlooking the Aegean to boogie till dawn. The next day, the party begins early. At the beach bars, the DJ’s selections segue from chill to dance, the beat pulsates under the heat of the sun, champagne glass in hand.

Cocktail in Chios island

Nightlife in Thessaloniki

In the centre of Thessaloniki, the atmosphere is charged with youthful energy, all day and all night. With every step you’ll discover hidden treasures; historic cafes, cosy bars as well as clubs with impressive designs in renovated industrial spaces and music venues in old warehouses, hosting live rock concerts.

Follow the locals to their favourite haunts, and let them guide you through the city’s secrets, sure to satisfy all styles and tastes. In ‘the bride of the north’ fun is a local tradition – just like the warm soup you’ll be served when the sun comes up.

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