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Athens's original vegan food tour

<strong>The Original Athens vegan food tour</strong><p><br></p><p>Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or a foodie looking to experience the fastest-growing culinary scene in Athens, join us on this healthy &amp; tasty Athens vegan tour! Greek cuisine is full of vegetables, salads, olive oil &amp; nuts, making Athens the perfect place to sample local vegan food. From delicious pies to vegan-style street food, create food memories you will never forget!</p><p><br></p><strong>Unforgettable tastes</strong><p>Fall in love with delicious Greek vegan cuisine during this tasty tour in the heart of Athens.</p><p><br></p><strong>Alternative districts</strong><p>Walk off the beaten path in some of the most alternative and bohemian districts during this Athens vegan tour.</p><p><br></p><strong>Accompanied by a local foodie</strong><p>Follow your local expert and let yourself free to taste the most amazing vegan tastes of Athens.</p><p><br></p><strong>Easy Access</strong><p>We meet at one of the most central places in Athens easily accessible by foot, public transportation or taxi.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023

Athens Private Mythology tour

<p>Explore the most famous landmark of Athens, the Acropolis hill and the monuments located there. Adults and kids will hear stories and myths about the monument that will engage all the family. Later as you explore streets and other monuments of Athens kids will hear fascinating stories with Greek Gods, heroes, myths and explore the most famous park of Athens. During the walk kids will enjoy an ice-cream break.</p><p><br></p><strong>Historic Landmarks</strong><p>Explore the most famous landmarks of Athens such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Erecthion, the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian's Arch, the Greek Parliament and the Presidestial guards and more</p><p><br></p><strong>Mythology</strong><p>Adults and kids will hear fascinating stories with Greek Gods and heroes, Greek myths and how they remain relevant until today.</p><p><br></p><strong>Kid Expert Licensed Guide</strong><p>Your local kid expert licensed guide will engage the whole family and lead you to an amazing adventure at the landmarks and streets of Athens</p><p><br></p><strong>Easy Access</strong><p>We meet at one of the most central places in Athens seaside easily accessible public transportation or taxi.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023

Athens street art tour

<strong>Tour for street art lovers</strong><p><br></p><p>Experience the very best Athens has to offer in street art by joining this urban and adventurous Athens street art tour. This tour will take you on an urban safari, exploring the districts that have made Athens a world class city for art and design. There you’ll see some of the most famous, new and old street art and you will learn firsthand about some of the most talented, political, social, diverse, imaginative street artists in Athens.</p><p><br></p><strong>The most amazing murals in town</strong><p>Visit numerous local and international murals during this Athens street art tour and explore the different types of graffiti and its meanings. Also, see the work of the most famous street artists, Greeks and foreigners.</p><p><br></p><strong>Off the beaten path Athens</strong><p>This Athens street art tour takes you off the beaten tourist trail and shows guests why Athens has become the new street art capital as well as all the local hot spots that will make your visit to Athens an authentic experience.</p><p><br></p><strong>Street art expert</strong><p>Accompanied by a local street art lover who will make sure that your journey is filled with information and joy.</p><p><br></p><strong>Easy Access</strong><p>Our meeting point is outside one of the most central hotels of Athens, easily accessible by public transportation or foot.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023

Eat like an Athenian food tour

<strong>Athens food tour for food lovers</strong><p><br></p><p>Join our classic Athens food tour with a local foodie who will show you all the local hot spots!!! Blend in with the locals in the Athens Central Food Markets and discover the authentic Greek cuisine. Sample traditional Greek foods like, different kind of local pastry, olives, olive oil, honey, cheese, meats, Greek coffee, sesame bread, famous street food and more in legendary local stores!</p><p><br></p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023

Acropolis and Acropolis museum tour during sunset

<strong>Acropolis and Acropolis Museum tour sunset special</strong><p><br></p><p>Join this Acropolis and Acropolis museum private tour, learn about the fascinating story behind the most famous landmark of Athens and its contribution in the western civilization. Visiting the Acropolis during the golden hour you have the opportunity to take great pictures of the Parthenon and the surroundings including the exceptional view of the city of Athens and at the same time you avoid the summer heat! Skip the line tickets can be purchased!</p><p><br></p><strong>Historic Landmarks</strong><p>At the Acropolis site you will admire the Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Dionysus Theater and more. At the Acropolis museum you will be guided among all the exhibits and you will see from up close the beautiful Caryatides and in the top floor of the museum you'll let your senses free in the Parthenon room!</p><p><br></p><strong>Sunset at the Acropolis</strong><p>Take the most amazing pictures during the sunset hour, while you are admiring the UNESCO listed Acropolis hill. Escape the summer heat and enjoy Acropolis at its best as well as the most enchanting view of the city of Athens.</p><p><br></p><strong>Expert Licensed Guide</strong><p>Our passionate local licensed guide will guide you through the Acropolis Archaeological site and the thousands of artifacts displayed in the Acropolis Museum and happily answer all your questions.</p><p><br></p><strong>Easy Access</strong><p>Meet your guide outside the Acropolis metro station, which is one of the most central metro stations in Athens.</p>

Offer valid until: 30 November 2023