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In a blessed country like Greece, with diverse morphology where you can find a wealth of raw materials, fresh and original ingredients, traditional recipes, innovative “honest” products, local farmers and food companies producing small quantities in traditional ways, as well as creative young chefs giving a twist to the Greek “sharing” meal experience, there is significant development in all aspects of gastronomy. This is why in Chef stories we are delighted to discover and uncover, elaborate and collaborate, and above all, take every opportunity to introduce all these treasures, to every guest visiting Thessaloniki & Northern Greece, through our Gastronomic experiences.

Gastronomic Excursions, tailor made to meet every group’s

needs, including market visits, tastings, presentation of the gastronomic

history of the town/s, authentic meal/s in Thessaloniki and Northern


Thematic Events for a half or full day experience, such

as introduction to Greek innovative products, “Greek breakfast”, cooking

lessons, products tastings: Olive oil, coffee, spirits, wine tasting, pairing

evenings: Cheese & Wine / Beer & Cold cuts / Spirits & Cured

delights / Herbs & Honey.

Unique Gift – memorabilia ideas, such as gift bags, tailor made products


After all, gastronomy is culture,

desire, identity!

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