Aerial photo of competition sport paddle surfing or sup between 2 men in tropical waters of Vouliagmeni beach, Athens riviera, Attica, Greece

Surfing, water ski, wakeboard: the most popular destinations in Greece

From spring to late autumn, Greece is the destination for surfers and kite surfers
From spring to late autumn, Greece is the destination for surfers and kite surfers
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Surfing and Kite-surfing in Greece

From spring to late autumn, Greece is the destination for surfers and kite surfers. The best wind- and kite-surfing spots in Greece:

  •  Vouliagmeni and Vari
  •  Anavyssos and Lavrion (Athens Riveria)
  •  Horefto in Pelion
  •  Halkidiki: Sarti, Sani Beach
  •  Peloponnese: Kalo Nero, Voidokilia, Elafonissos
  •  Crete: Kouremenos, Falassarna, Elafonissi, Paleohora
  •  Lefkas: Myloi Agios Ioannis, Vassiliki
  •  Corfu: Halikounas, Acharavi
  •  Lesvos: Sigri
  •  Limnos: Keros, Gomati
  •  Mykonos: Kalafatis, Korfos
  •  Paros: Pounda
  •  Naxos: Mikri Vigla
  •  Tinos: Kolymbithra
  •  Rhodes: Prasonissi, Faliraki, Lardos
  •  Karpathos: Chicken Bay

On most beaches you can go windsurfing, and if you’re a beginner many beaches have schools and instructors on hand so you can take lessons as well as rent equipment. Vassiliki and Agios Ioannis on Lefkas provide special accommodation options where both you and your equipment are welcome.

Water ski in Greece

If you love to water ski, you’ll find a plethora of options in Greece. You can water ski at all the organised beaches of the Greek islands, in Halkidiki, the Peloponnese, Attica and on some lakes, such as Ioannina and Kaiafas. Water ski is a favourite sport of Greeks as well as foreign visitors. For this reason there are many clubs, among them the Water Ski Federation that organise annual world-renowned competitions.

Wakeboarding in Greece

Wakeboarding, although a relatively new sport, also has a fanatic following in Greece.
The most popular wakeboarding locations in Greece are the following:

  • Athens and Attica: Anavyssos, Lavrion, Varkiza, Galazia Akti
  • Paros: Chryssi Akti, Nea Chryssi Akti, Pounta, Agios Ioannis (which organises the Panhellenic Wakeboard Championships)
  • Naxos: Agios Georgios, Mikri Vigla
  • Mykonos: Ftelia, Kalafatis
  • Rhodes: Trianta, Fanes, Prasonissi, Theologos
  • Lefkas: Vassiliki
  • Ios: Mylopotas

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