Dining experience in Ikos Resorts

From the blue of the sea to the green of the mountains, a palette of colours, aromas and flavours.

The cuisine of any region is usually inseparable from its tradition and cannot help but give away hints of its history. And so it is with Macedonia, whose varied flavours clearly reflect its colourful past, interweaving Mediterranean influences with those of other civilizations. With the hand of friendship outstretched, the locals will beckon you over to treat you to traditional delicacies and a glass of tsipouro. You’ll very soon discover that Macedonians, like all Greeks, relish every meal as if it were a small ritual. Through the world of taste they… communicate. They fondly reminisce, sometimes reconcile their differences and, above all, thoroughly enjoy themselves, welcoming any visitor to join in the revels at, what is known as the “Greek table”.

Gastronomy at Ikos Resorts

At Ikos Resorts the Michelin-star- winning chefs have thrown into the mix and put to work all the ingredients of the renowned Macedonian Cuisine: fresh produce of the land and the sea, aromatic herbs of the country and the mountainside and virgin olive oil, with a generous sprinkling of love and artistry. The fruits of their efforts, as it were, are served proudly to you firstly at breakfast, then in the form of  a light beach or poolside snack, followed by the choice of a full-course meal in one of four a la carte restaurants, all of which naturally adds up to an unprecedented culinary experience.

Distinguished chef Lefteris Lazarou, the man who launched seafood cuisine in luxury restaurants, creates the a la carte menu for Ouzo restaurant and invites you to enjoy refined and yet authentic tastes from all over Greece.

Oriental tastes are celebrated as well at Ikos Anaya, where famous chef Katsu parades his exquisite talent by offering you irresistible seafood creations.

The wine that will accompany your meal is selected from a wide range of Greek and international wines, compiled by world class sommelier Nikolas Giannopoulos, whose judgement on these matters is reliably impeccable. As for your cocktails, Aristotelis Papadopoulos, the award winning Mixologist of Ikos Resorts, makes it his business to set the bar high when it comes to originality, taste and that extra touch of pizazz.

As if this weren’t enough, with the Dine Out programme, the visitor has the opportunity to get to know some of the most famous local restaurants and enjoy authentic recipes at no extra charge.

The Ikos Resorts of Halkidiki, with uncompromising standards of hospitality and aesthetics that bring that ineffable sense of refined luxury and elegance, invite you and your loved ones to treat yourselves to an unforgettable holiday experience, including a journey through incomparable culinary delights.