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Rock and mountain climbing, hiking, biking, canyoning, skiing, rafting, riding… Whatever your sport, you’ll relish it in Greece

It’s not just the untouched and unspoilt landscapes of Greece, the national parks, the dramatic gorges, the alpine lakes and meadows, rushing rivers, virgin peaks, lush forests and huge vertical cliffs that resemble sculptures. It’s also the unique climate that makes Greek an ideal destination for mountain sports. Every season has its own charm.

From spring through summer, autumn and winter the landscape literally transforms itself, ensuring that you will see something new, no matter how many times you visit. Landscapes of unparalleled natural beauty will accommodate whatever activity you love to do on the mountain: climbing, hiking, biking, canyoning, skiing…

Gather your friends and gear, maps, a reliable GPS and set off on an unforgettable holiday adventure..

Skiing in Greece
Mountain skiing where you never expected it. There are no fewer than 18 ski centres around Greece and 190km of pistes, ranging from nursery to black. And each and every ski destination has its own character and alpine charm – from cosmopolitan Arahova, on Mt Parnassos, to the majestic Vasilitsa, in the Pindos Mountain range.

What’s more, where else can you experience skiing with a sea view, as you can in Helmous, near, Kalavryta? Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding or just the lively aprèsski scene on offer, skiing in Greece offers unexpected delights.

Rock climbing in Greece
The rock climbing routes throughout Greece are plentiful and impressive. The climbing in Kalymnos is particularly noteworthy, and the island is recognised as one of the most significant rock climbing destinations in the world, along with Meteora.

Other top spots for climbing enthusiasts include Lagada in Laconia, the Pikilo Mountain near Athens, Varasova in Aetolia-Acarnania, Pylis in Trikala and Hiliadous on Evia. You can test your limits surrounded by astonishing natural beauty. What do you need? The will to climb, trustworthy  equipment and a good level of fitness.

Mountain biking in Greece
Come exercise in the great outdoors. In Greece a dense network of roads, hills and woods next to towns as well as mountains are open for activities, creating the ideal conditions for mountain biking. Put on your helmet and pedal to the best mountain biking spots in Greece; from Parnitha and the Tatoi forest near Athens, to the Arcadia mountain range in the Peloponnese, Zagorohoria, Evia, Kissavos, Lake Plastiras and Evrytania. Greece is ready to host your biking adventures!

Canyoning and Rafting in Greece
Rafting and canyoning holidays in Greece combine wild natural beauty, white water, riverside biodiversity, impressive gorges and cultural jewels.

In the spring the rivers surge  through the mountains, the water rushing at high speeds as the snow melts. You’ll have unforgettable experiences rafting in the crystalline rivers of Lousios, Alfeios, Aheloos, Tavropos, Voidomatis and Acheron. Landscapes of incomparable beauty, decorated with masterfully constructed stone bridges, await you. Limited mainly to spring and autumn after the first rains, rafting is an object lesson in cooperation since every paddler needs to work well together to descend the river safely.

Few of Greece’s wild gorges are suitable for novice canyoners. Old hands will tell you stories of incredible rappels down 50, 80 and 100 metres. Fortunately, safety protocols, good organisation and general bonhomie among participants  make the descent as pleasurable as possible.

The challenge is before you: let’s go canyoning and rafting in Greece.

Trekking in Greece
In order to know the soul of Greece, you really have to walk through nature. The variations in the landscape even on a relatively short walk make each step interesting and transform each path you take into an unforgettable experience. There are trekking paths that can be enjoyed by any reasonably fit person on almost all the islands and mainland mountain ranges, with the international E4 and E6 paths the stand-outs.

The E4 starts in Gibraltar and enters Greece at the Bulgarian border. It then crosses the country diagonally as far as Gytheio below Sparta to be picked up in Crete, where it runs from west to east, terminating at Zakros. The E6 originates in Finland and enters Greece at Igoumenitsa in the northwest. It crosses Greece horizontally as far as Samothrace, where it ends on the summit of Mt Fengari. Apart from these two,  you’ll find countless other paths, cobblestone streets, and forest roads throughout the mainland and the islands that are perfect for trekking throughet beautiful Greek nature.

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