Trees with golden leaves at autumn in Valia Κalda

Autumn holidays in Greece

By Korpithas
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Autumn, sun and sea in Greece

During this season, the weather in Greece is ideal for holidays. The countryside takes on an autumnal glow, the sea stays warm enough for swimming, the resorts become a bit quieter, and the earth delivers its bounty of olives and grapes, oil and wine. Nature in Greece during autumn is magical. Enjoy the many shades of red and orange as the trees change color. Take in the fragrances that nature coaxes onto the breeze after the first autumn rains.

Autumn will give you countless opportunities to try something really different. September, when the grapes are harvested, is the time to visit some of Greece’s state-of-the-art wineries. A month later - towards the end of September and early October - for a more rustic and intoxicating experience, try to find out who’s making raki out of the skins and stalks in Crete.

Later in autumn, during October and November, your holidays on mainland Greece will be chock full of surprises: in the large olive groves locals gather their olives. You can find out all about the traditional occupations and products by staying at a farm set up for agrotourism. And help with the chores. Think of that feeling of satisfaction and contentment as you come closer to mother earth. Greece in autumn is a truly pleasurable experience!

Popular destinations in Greece during autumn

This is the time to discover the other side of holidays in Greece. Autumn holidays in Greece mean quiet cosmopolitan islands, exploring the Argosaronic islands close to Athens and visiting the lush, green Sporades for a weekend sojourn. Hop over to Evia’s long beaches and thick forests or go up to Pelion, where you can combine beach and mountain pleasures. Autumn is perfect too for sailing in the Aegean or Ionian seas since August’s north winds have calmed down.

In autumn, nature’s at its most magical. The reds and golds of the forests will delight you, however, you travel. Now’s the moment for a romantic autumn holiday in the fortress state of Monemvasia, but Nafplion and Nafpaktos would also fit the bill with their Venetian castles and ports. Take a hike on the old trails on the islands and mainland or pay homage to the wonderful Byzantine churches and monasteries that exist all over Greece.

If you’re an urbanite, this is when you can get to know Athens and Thessaloniki the way the Greeks do. In autumn both cities regain their very different rhythms and unique spirit. Explore on foot, shop till you drop, dip into their fabulous museums and avant-garde galleries, take in a play or a concert, but above all explore the night scene.

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