Aerial view of Corfu Old Town, Greece

The most Instagrammable spots on Corfu

Aerial view of Corfu Old Town, Greece
As long as it takes to eat a slice of watermelon

Those colours, those buildings, that sea… and, above all, that incredible light. There’s so much about Corfu that simply has to be shared. So we’re doing our bit to help you find what you’ll love most about the island… the beaches, villages, bays and marinas, and of course the people… capturing Corfu at its incomparable best.

Instagrammable Corfu #1

Spread Insta-envy with showstopper beaches

Every beach tells a story. Maybe… but on Corfu, the hundreds of beaches along the coastline – each with its own special character, colour and mood – go one step further. Corfu’s beaches tell your story. Take the long, wooden-planked pier on Apraos beach. Instantly, you’re transported onto a summer catwalk. But instead of admiring spectators either side of you, you’re flanked by the Ionian Sea. Or maybe you need a full 2km of sand to choose your spot? Well, then it’s a panorama shot on Issos beach for you. For hidden coves that only reveal their full majesty from above (pine-forest greenery and turquoise waters), you’ll be sending up a drone at Rovinia or Porto Timoni. And for that Insta-envy shot to stoke up jealousy back home, forget sand and sun loungers … just take a look at the rocks at La Grotta, in Palaiokastritsa! Sorry, not sorry!

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Instagrammable Corfu #2

Explore the Old Town… still brimming with life

What grabs you most about Corfu is that it’s so alive. Nature, culture… but, most of all, the Old Town itself. Venetian, French, English and of course Greek… the influences from days gone by are everywhere. But look at how vibrant it is. Everywhere you turn there’s an Instagram story in the making. Take your time to wander through alleyways and past landmarks: The squares, Dimarchiou and Spianada (with the Town Hall dominating the former), the colourful markets and the stately Clock Tower (all the more memorable for the pedestrianised streets). Take it all in and be sure to swipe up… oh those balconies, full of the spirit of today’s Corfu.

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Instagrammable Corfu #3

Find an Insta-worthy boat everywhere you look

Corfu has a relationship with the sea that is long and very personal. Everywhere you turn… off the peninsula of Kouloura, or the beaches of Chouchouliou, Agios Stefanos and Palaiokastritsa, or by the old windmill in Garitsa Bay. If there’s a dreamy little rock or bay, there’s an Insta-worthy boat claiming it as its own. Or maybe it’s an old fishing boat, resting on the shore, disused but still clinging tight to its maritime tales. And then there are the gleaming yachts in Gouvia Marina, the first private marina on the island, winking at you to come take a closer look.

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Instagrammable Corfu #4

Enjoy a generous slice of village life

There’s no way you’re staying in town though. With so many villages dotted around the island, you’re heading inland or up the coast… wherever your photographic instinct takes you. Those gorgeous ceramic-tiled, circular tables in the kafeneio up in Lakones, the courtyard overflowing with shock-purple bougainvillea in Chlomos, that homely little stone-built taverna in Palaia Peritheia, the paving stones of Afionas and the tropical greenery of Gastouri. Or perhaps it’s the simple snapshot of a barman proudly preparing an afternoon tipple or the village elders calmly watching the world go by that catches your eye. Yes, Corfu’s villages are seriously special.

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Instagrammable Corfu #5

A last sunset, to mark the occasion

It’s time to leave, so you’re looking for that lasting memory. The most Instagrammable sunset possible. But we won’t pretend to know you, so you’re going to have to decide for yourself. What’s it going to be… the golden glow on mountain scenery from Pelekas? The long shadows cast by the dipping sun as you stroll through the Old Town? A sundowner at a bar at Paramonas Beach? You and the kids taking selfies at the Kaisar Observatory? Or the whispered words on a bench-made-for-two at Afionas, high up over the legendary Ionian Sea? Get your timelapse setting ready. It’s your last Corfu sunset. And this one’s a keeper.

The very best of Corfu

You can picture your Instagram feed already… all those blues and greens of the Ionian Sea, the dreamy beaches you make your own, the villages and the people, and that chosen sunset spot you just know will make it into your Highlights.

FAQs about Corfu, Greece

Corfu is especially popular in July and August, but there is plenty of accommodation around the island so you can find quieter spots. However, it is worth coming in the months either side of peak summer when the weather is still great for swimming but there are fewer people on the island. Corfu is also a very green and hilly island, perfect for nature activities, especially in spring and autumn. Easter is a very special time to visit Corfu.

The entire Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, filled with monuments (Venetian, British, French) and museums, such as the Archaeological Museum,  Mon Repos & Achilleion Palace, Casa Parlante and the Museum of Asian Art (inside the Palace of St Michael and St George). The Old and New Fortresses are landmarks of Corfu, but the entire Old Town is like an open-air museum, with churches, squares and Venetian-era buildings. The focal point of the Old Town is Liston and Spianada Square.

Corfu is known for the incredible diversity of both its beaches (from fully organised to remote) all around the island and culture. The island has been influenced by numerous cultures, including British and French but notably the Venetians from 1401 to 1797, when the rest of Greece was under Ottoman rule. The Venetian legacy lives on in the architecture and monuments of the Old Town, such as the Old and New Fortresses and the Campiello (medieval quarter) as well as the food, for which Corfu is also famed. Corfu is an island of contrasts, from quiet, traditional villages to the vibrant nightlife in some resorts.

There is an incredible choice of beaches all around Corfu, some long and sandy with facilities (tavernas, sunbeds & umbrellas) and some more remote and not as organised. There are more than 100 excellent swimming spots, but among the best-known beaches of Corfu are Palaiokastritsa and Glyfada beach as well as the Canal d’Amour (where legend says you will find your true love).

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