Greek islands

Take a seat in one of the seafront tavernas in Piso Livadi and enjoy the freshest seafood!

Paros is paradise to me

Paros is paradise to me. It combines all the things I ask for from a holiday: beautiful landscapes, unique villages, hospitable people, wonderful products and unparalleled local delicacies.
The city of Athens at Sunset

Athens: a springboard for adventure

Athens itself is a city of many wonders, both ancient and modern. On top of that, it can also be the starting point to fill your holiday story with even more beautiful and incredible experiences.
Skala Kallonis

Experience Lesvos in a weekend

Lesvos is an island of many contradictions, plenty of colours and a plethora of different musical notes. Indeed, Lesvos has its own individual melody, its very own special song and unique poem to recite. And it goes a bit like this…
Welcome to a medieval citadel that has remained continuously inhabited and very much alive

Magical melodies on Rhodes

One of the places I will never forget is the island of Rhodes. A cultural crossroads with centuries-old history and a procession of peoples that have all left their mark on every town, village and building.