Food Scenic Tour - Taste Corfu's culinary "treasures"


Is it possible in one day for a visitor to get to know all the famous products of Corfu? Come with us and you will be satisfied with flavors and aromas.

  • Gingerbeer: The spicy, natural soda of Corfu
  • Lakones village: The most beautiful views in Corfu and the best photos
  • Enjoy Greek coffee in the place with the most beautiful view of Corfu.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: The liquid gold of Corfu
  • Visit to an amazing Corfiot winery & wine tasting
  • Lunch break: Enjoy your lunch at a traditional tavern of Corfu
  • Kumquat - The history of the "Golden Orange"
  • Limoncello - The drink of "La Dolce Vita"
Source: The Corfu Experience


The island of Corfu, apart from its incomparable natural beauty and imposing historical monuments, is famous for its famous local products. Pure local products, foreign influences and local culture are some of the elements that were combined to create the “delicious treasures” of Corfu. Within a few hours you will have the chance accompanied by our local food expert guide to meet the local producers and taste most of the pure and authentic delicacies of Corfu Island.

Experience this gastronomy tour with us you‘ll be able to taste this amazing products at their best version!

During our tour you will observe the olive, the wine, the ginger beer and the kumquat production and learn the secrets of the finest quality of the extra virgin olive oil and many more. Later on through a fantastic tour around picturesque villages we will stop at a traditional café in order to try the famous Greek coffee and local snacks.

We will also visit a local distillery in a traditional village where they will give you an idea of how the local products are made such as the kumquat and then the tasting will follow…

Our last stop will be the at a local greek tavern where we will realize what authentic Corfiot food means. Incredible flavors, aromas and traditional recipes will be waiting for you under the shade of the pine trees. This traditional lunch will introduce you to many elements of Corfiot cuisine and gastronomy. The sure is that until the end of this trip your tasting memory will be definitely increased… Do not forget that the locals say that taste is the best of our senses…

Live with us a memorable tasting day by exploring the culinary treasures of Corfu!

Source: The Corfu Experience


1) Taste the Local Products

Gingerbeer: The spicy, natural soda of Corfu

One of the most famous traditional Corfiot products is the famous gingerbeer which became famous by the British in 1860 when Corfu was under Venetian Contriol. The traditional Corfiot gingerbeer is a natural soft drink that does not contain preservatives and has an exotic peppery taste that comes from ginger. It has a beneficial effect, as it improves blood circulation, it includes antipyretic and antiseptic properties, but it is also quite beneficial in digestion.

2) Feel the Relaxation

Lakones village: The most beautiful views in Corfu and the best photos

The village of Lakones is literally “hung” on the edge of the cliff. The view from above is breathtaking and is probably the most beautiful on the whole island. The green color of the olives and the pines “embraces” the endless blue of the sea and the rocky coastline and the spectacle is more than shocking.

Almost all visitors to the island of Corfu visit this place to gaze at the unique view and take the most valuable photo of their lives.

3) Live like a Lokal

Enjoy Greek coffee in the place with the most beautiful view of Corfu.

It’s time for us all to enjoy a nice Greek coffee break. On a balcony of a coffee house with stunning views will have the chance enjoy a cup of traditional Greek coffee. For Greeks, drinking coffee is like washing your face in the morning, it is some kind of a morning daily ritual because of the coffee’s strong taste and aroma.

There could be no better idyllic place to grab a homemade local snack before continuing our journey!

4) Taste the Local Products

Virgin Olive Oil: The liquid gold of Corfu

At the heart of a Corfiot olive grove, we will meet the owners of a unique oil press that will happily inform us on the certain features of the Corfiot olives and olive oil as well as the unique olive variety, being cultivated on the island of Corfu, they will introduce us to the well-kept secrets of a good olive oil producer, and they will also talk about the socio-economic and historical role that olives play in the life of Corfiot’s. Finally, they will not forget to emphasize the healing properties of olive oil.

Our tour will be a throwback to the past, when oil producers used to use big, rotating stone wheels driven by animals to grind oils as well as we will see old pressers, containers for the storage of olive oil and a wide variety of original tools and vessels of that era.

Finally, we will have the chance of olive and olive oil tasting, accompanied by local products, while we will learn how to distinguish the special features of Corfiot olive oil like Corfiot’s do.

5)Taste the Local Products

Visit to an amazing Corfiot winery & wine tasting

Through a brilliant tour at the heart of the natural environment of Corfu, we will visit a lovely quaint winery, being surrounded by vast Corfiot vineyards.

The hospitable owners of the winery will introduce us to the world of wine and grapes, inform us on the significance of wine for the everyday life of Corfiot’s, the varieties of grapes cultivated on the island of Corfu as well as the types of wines produced. We will be guided through their winery, and we will be able to see the whole process of how grapes turn into wine, we will learn the well-kept secrets of a good wine producer and finally we will visit the basement or root cellar where wine is being stored in a dark and dry place, protecting it from direct light.

After initiating the newcomers, we will enjoy wine tasting, including various types of wine with different colors, tastes, and flavors. A light snack prepared with local bio products will accompany our wine tasting, boosting our energy in order to continue our experiential tour.

6) Experience the Hospitality

Lunch break: Enjoy your lunch at a traditional tavern of Corfu

We have chosen for you a picturesque traditional tavern in a small, picturesque village of Corfu.

In this tavern you will enjoy traditional dishes as they offer a wide variety of food. We will also try the famous local cold cuts such as the venetian numbulo – fiumicado

This is maybe of the most popular products that accompanies the Corfiot traditional table is the numbulo or fumikado according to the Venetians. Its name comes from the Italian word numbolo which means fillet. Numbulo is one of the most delicious local dishes as it is the perfect appetizer for a delicious, aromatic accompaniment with a glass of wine or as an appetizer before the main meal.

Last but not least and we will try the spicy called spetseriko at it’s best version which in no other than the legendary pastitsada!

In this tavern the cooking is done with local products, with pure virgin Corfiot olive oil and we guarantee the taste of the food and the quality of the services. You can also try local wines and handmade Corfiot beers that complement the meal with original Corfiot desserts.

7) Taste the Local Products

Kumquat - The history of the "Golden Orange"

The “Golden Orange”, this unique product growing solely on the island of Corfu, constitutes a tiny fruit which was brought to Corfu from the Far East over the last century. Its rich history will lead us about 150 years back to time, when an English nature lover and nobleman, named Charlie Merlin, visited Corfu, and inspired the locals cultivate this Japanize fruit.

We have planned to visit a kumquat processing workshop, in order to learn about the history of kumquat as well as which are the best kumquat recipes and the nutritional benefits of that fruit. Last but not least we will try the unique taste of this magical fruit in many different preparations such as the liquor, the marmalade and many more.

8) Taste The Local Products

Limoncello - The drink of "La Dolce Vita"

Last but not least we will see the profuction of the famous limoncello the drink of Dolce Vita that was first made in Greece by the Corfiots.

Homeland of “limoncello” is a part of southern Italy famous for its beauty, wildlife and luxury. This is the island where once dominated what we now call “dolce vita”, Capri, Italy. Its origins are said to have started around 1950 when a beautiful and fragrant garden in the center of the famous Capri was an inspiration for a housewife. The garden of the once house has been turned into one of the most popular restaurants on the island. One of Capri’s most regular guests was the Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis. He used to visit Corfu Island and the Amalfi Coast in the summers with his wife Jackie Kennedy. It is known that the Greek business tycoon used to possess the Greek tycoon. During his summer vacations, the island of Corfu was a necessary stop for him.

So, it is said that the locals were once told the experience of tasting limoncello. Being an island with such a strong Venetian aura, the people of Corfu did not hesitate to experiment with its production, which had a very successful development.

Source: The Corfu Experience

What's Included

Lunch is included in a handpicked local restaurant to enjoy the traditional cuisine of Corfu.

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  • Pick-up from and return to your desired place.
  • Luxury Mercedes bus (depending on the size of the group), glass roof, offering air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, leather seats, TV monitors, first-aid kit
  • Mini-bar with water, juice, and refreshments throughout the tour.
  • Experienced & professional driver.
  • Experienced English-speaking Tour Guide by “The Corfu Experience” Tourism Agency.
  • Tour Leader by”The Corfu Experience” Tourism Agency.
  • Entrance fees for museums and historic sites (when needed).
  • All coffee break expenses (snack, coffee, ice cream).
  • All expenses for a full lunch (appetizers, salads, side dishes, main dishes, desserts, drinks).
  • All rental and accommodation expenses for the places we visit.
  • All costs for each partner that offers services.
  • All taxes.

Not included

  • ONLY your own expenses concerning personal items, souvenirs, or any other service you may choose
Source: The Corfu Experience

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Our local escorts are well trained to provide you 5-star services and offer you exclusivity. Enjoy your private or tailor made designed tour and win our benefits such as the privacy, safety, top services and of course route flexibility. Save money, time and energy by having an experienced local guide by your side who will share with you all the local “secrets”. Take the chance of being a privileged skip the line guest as we have taken care of everything so that your experience is comfortable and that you enjoy every moment without stress or fatigue.

Everything is included in One Price!

Source: The Corfu Experience


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