In central Evia there is Dirfis and its alpine landscapes

Tap into the life essence of Central Greece

For those seeking a holiday that revitalises in every way, get to the heart of the matter in Central Greece
For those seeking a holiday that revitalises in every way, get to the heart of the matter in Central Greece
As long as it takes to drink a Greek coffee

In the heartland of a great country lies one of its best-kept secrets. Central Greece is quite simply overflowing with the essence of life in all its forms and all harmonising perfectly with each other.

Mountain and coast, relaxation and adventure all richly wrapped with a freshness that only nature can provide. Ancient Greeks felt its elemental force that brought them closer to their gods. Today, it breathes its life into all who visit and take a little of its essence home with them.

History and myth sit side by side with nature, great mountains, inviting you to breathe in their fresh air and accept their many challenges, as they combine with vast swathes of coastline offering the chance for a thorough battery recharge.

As you immerse yourself in the region, its rich tapestry of sensations become ever more apparent. In mystical Delphi, you’ll believe the oracle is still on duty to deliver her heaven-sent prophecies and then you’ll follow the sweep of the landscape down to elegant Galaxidi by the sea, home to ships’ captains and a popular haunt for yachting enthusiasts.

Elsewhere, in Evia and Skyros, and in Fthiotida, you’ll be spoilt for choice with beaches that make perfect relaxing, revitalising retreats to suit all tastes and the perfect partners for the mountains and verdant carpets of foliage which unfurl down hillside and gorge to embrace the waiting waters.

You can test your mettle amidst the imposing terrain of Thermopylae, lining up with Leonidas’ 300, or indulge in more 21st century high-altitude sports on Parnassos, Dirfi or the Agrafa range.

In villages and towns, such as Karpenisi, you’ll get to know its people, delightfully earthy and justly proud of their folklore and time-honoured customs; always ready to rustle up a local delicacy or two, open their hearts and possibly even their homes to all-comers.

There’s a unique chemistry at work here in Greece’s golden heart, whose energetic mixture is infused with the core values of life and how to live it to the full. 

It is a destination for all seasons, especially enchanting in autumn. A restorative cordial which can refresh you in so many ways, bringing to life the best that Greece has to offer and allowing you to reboot your senses.

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