Luxurious accommodation in Santorini

Sun, sea and luxury in Greece

Uber-luxurious accommodations, discreet beach retreats, stylish boutiques and high-end gastronomy: a dream come true
Uber-luxurious accommodations, discreet beach retreats, stylish boutiques and high-end gastronomy: a dream come true
As long as it takes to eat a slice of watermelon

Dreamy canopy beds, Arabic tents, pillows and Persian carpets on the sand for enchanting evenings on the beach. Cocktails concocted by talented mixologists, cigars and expensive malt whiskeys. Pool bars built in the water so you can wade with cocktail in hand. Local liquors paired with delectable treats of traditional Greek cuisine. Your luxury holidays in Greece have just begun. And if you crave your favourite cheese, sweet or wine from another country, planes are on standby. Spas and golf courses with a view of the big blue.

Scuba diving and windsurfing in peacock-coloured water. Butlers on-call round the clock. Yachts, catamarans and boats of all kinds available for private charter ready to set sail to the secluded beauty of hard-to-reach Greek islets. Onboard? Gourmet gastronomy that will please even the most refined palate, and massages to ease the mind, body and soul.

Infinity swimming pool view, Aegean sea

Luxury holidays in Greece: Popular destinations

In Mykonos, Santorini, Halkidiki, Messinia and Crete’s Elounda, and other locations throughout Greece, you’ll find glamour and glitz in all its glory. Indulge in the epitome of a luxurious holiday: five-star service and hotels with modern, sophisticated design and ambience. Here, luxury hospitality has reached a standard all its own: opulent suites and roomy, elegant beach villas with stunning sea views. Jacuzzis, hydromassage, infinity pools spilling into the horizon, gyms and private piers to dock your yacht.

You’ll loll about on your very own secluded beach until the sun disappears into the technicolour sea, and then – if you’re bold – go night-swimming. A private beach paradise in a landscape that will soothe the soul. Private tours in archaeological sites, castles and vineyards. Dinner for two on your suite’s patio, private pier or beach, with sommeliers for oenophiles and degustation menus of molecular gastronomy that will tantalise your senses.

Just say the word and your dreams will come true.

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