Athens: An exciting business destination

Athens is an unrivalled destination when it comes to mixing business with pleasure
Athens is an unrivalled destination when it comes to mixing business with pleasure
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Iconic buildings, luxury event venues and impressive attractions for high-quality conferences… and that’s before you head to the museum or the beach!

A city that has the experience of hosting large-scale conferences and events, amongst them the modern Olympic Games, has earned its place among the best and most qualified event organisers in the world. Athens is an ideal business convention destination… and not just because of the Olympics but because, as a modern metropolis, it combines a wide range of resources and facilities to ensure success at every level.

High-quality infrastructure

The exceptional conference facilities that you’ll find in Athens, ranging from the iconic Athens Concert Hall, Zappeion Conference and Exhibition Centre, luxury event facilities in the hotels from the centre all the to the Athens Riviera, the Peace and Friendship Stadium, the former Olympic venues for Badminton and Tae Kwon Do, and urban-cool venues such as Technopolis in Gazi ensure that in this popular destination you will find the ideal venue for your conference or event. 

In addition, state-of-the-art audiovisual and communication equipment guarantees the smooth running of any scale of business gathering.

First-rate accommodation 

Aside from the places where conferences can be held, this capital city will complement your business trip with a relaxing holiday that will let you get to know Athens better. Athens’ hotels cover a wide range of accommodation preferences, including everything from luxury resorts and glamourous large-scale hotels to modern boutique and art hotels with an emphasis on design… all dedicated to high-end hospitality and designed to maximise comfort.

Experiences everywhere you turn

Finally, make your trip to Athens feel like a holiday by touring the exceptional museums, monuments and attractions in the historic centre of the city, savouring refined flavours at its award-winning restaurants, having fun in its cosmopolitan bars and even recharging your batteries by the sea, with water sports on the organised beaches of the Athens Riviera, cruising in a yacht or by taking day trips to the nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf.

And if you aren’t the athletic type, Athens has a solution for that too: plenty of excursions of archaeological, recreational or gastronomic interest, limitless options for shopping, sipping coffee or taking a stroll make for a brief but beautiful holiday experience in this sun-drenched European capital, brightened further by the sparkle of Aegean light.

An accessible and modern capital

Another reason Athens is an ideal destination for business tourism is that it is easily accessibility. Frequent flights from the biggest international airlines connect with the modern, award-winning Athens International Airport. For transportation within the city, the modern metro network not only makes transit efficient, but is in itself an attraction: the excavations during its construction brought to light unique archaeological finds, which are on display at Athens’ more central stations, such as Syntagma, Acropolis and Monastiraki.

So don’t delay: Athens is waiting to welcome you, whatever your reason for visiting the city!  

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