NOEMATA: Personifications and Allegories from Antiquity to Today

4/12/2023 – 14/04/2024 · Athens

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Acropolis Museum

Athens, Attica

The Noemata. Personifications and Allegories from Antiquity to Today exhibition will be hosted at the Acropolis Museum from 4 December 2023 to 14 April 2024.

The exhibition forms a unique tetralogy, where the Greek word NoΗΜΑ (meaning) becomes a NΗMA (thread), and includes various artworks – statues, reliefs and vases, coins, jewellery and icons, paintings, uniting for the first time Antiquity with Byzantium, with Renaissance and Modern Art.   
A mix of artworks in marble, clay, metal, canvas and colour, most of which are travelling for the first time and come together to delight and inspire, to puzzle and to make you think. 

Among the artworks presented are the painting of Rubens from the Museo del Prado showing Cronos, the personification of Time devouring his children, the personified Painting of Bourdon from a private Collection in Rome, the bronze statuette of Hypnos from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, the famous Nike Sandalbinder from the Acropolis Museum, a vase by the Meidias Painter from the British Museum, the mosaics of Sea and Ocean from the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Allegory of Divine Ascension from the Byzantine & Christian Museum of Athens. 

Time, Nature, Deities, Man, Institutions and Allegories, are uniquely interwoven in the exhibition sections, leading to the final part of the exhibition with the bronze Chimera from 400 B.C., from the Archaeological Museum of Florence.

Source: Acropolis Museum Official Website


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4/12/2023 – 14/04/2024