The sand extends for some distance along the mainland coastline and Elafonisi itself is about a mile long

Chania: A dreamlike land of insuperable beaches

Greece and summer are inseparable
As long as it takes to eat a Greek salad

Greece and summer are inseparable. Whatever part of the country you find yourself in, there is always a beach ready to welcome you and initiate you into that special Greek summer feeling.

If we were asked to name our favourite beach, the answer would most definitely be Falasarna in Chania, Crete! It’s not just the fact that Chania has always held a special place in our hearts, but also the wish to enjoy its pristine waters and then stretch out on a sunbed to admire the view that led to the creation of the Plazz app. So Falasarna, besides being a paradise on earth, was also the source of our inspiration. But what makes this beach stand out from the rest?

  • It’s the crystal clear waters, which vacillate between green and blue- as if the beach itself were shifting moods- to make you believe you are somewhere in the Caribbean.
  • The seemingly endless expanse of fine white sand adding a surrealist touch to the setting.
  • The Cretan sun making your afternoons on the beach even mellower.
  • The sea breeze rallying you for another dive into its invigorating waters.
  • Its overwhelming energy.
  • The sunset you savour lying down, overpowered by the natural beauty all around you.
  • The ruins of the ancient Roman town inviting you to fantasize that this was once the resort of the gods.
  • The cedars and other trees surrounding it as if they want to shield it from the world… thankfully for us mortals, they are unsuccessful.

It would, at this point, be unfair not to mention the other two beaches that make up Chania’s enchanting triptych, namely Balos and Elafonisi. Here the turquoise waters pass the scepter onto a carpet of pink sand, composed of millions of broken shells, paving the way to yet more exotic scenes… the famous Balos lagoon, the undoubted centerpiece of the triptych; the wondrous beach on Elafonisi with the cedar trees and white lilies and the overwhelmingly beautiful Falasarna with the rich, white sand; all rightfully proclaimed as “Must See” places for any visitor to Chania.

And this year, as every year, the beaches of Chania are ready to impart a little of their uniqueness on you too, offering you the ultimate summer experiences.

The Discover Greece Team
The Discover Greece Team

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