In a setting of pine-tree green, white sand and deep blue sea, Apella has a special knack of capturing the hearts of those who discover it

A dozen island beauties on the edge of the Aegean

To find something extra special often means going that extra mile.
To find something extra special often means going that extra mile.
As long as it takes to eat a slice of watermelon

Well, in the case of the Dodecanese, just hopping out to the edge of the Aegean sea is all it takes. Here, east meets west in a cluster of island beauties and a  guaranteed revitalizing sun and beach sensation will be your springboard to dive into a spell-binding, all-round holiday experience.

Start your adventure on Rhodes, like the crusading knights of the Middle Ages, or on Kos, where Hippocrates laid down a marker for modern medicine. From one or both of these legendary destinations, you can set out on your journey around islands immersed in history and culture, justly proud of their breathtaking scenery and whose kaleidoscopic architecture never fails to grab the attention.

Castles, citadels, monasteries, villages where time stands still; windmillsfjordslunar landscapes, islets inundated with butterflies or sea sponges. An alluring event awaits you wherever you choose to look. You can search high and low for your thrills and you’ll find them on mountainside and at sea…and at all altitudes in between.

But perhaps the last word should go to the myriad beaches which leave you with the luxury of impossible choices. Like a metaphor for the islands themselves, they range from tranquil and secluded to action-packed and cosmopolitan. Their charm and astounding beauty endures all year round, with a climate the envy of the rest of the continent. Oh and something else when you’re planning your trip:  Someone, somewhere got their maths wrong; the Dodecanese have to be the most generous dozen this side of Pythagoras!

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