Our top 9 picks for food tours and cooking classes in Greece

As long as it takes to eat a souvlaki

Discover the mouth-watering world of Greek cuisine with our selection of cookery classes and food tours in Greece. From the bustling markets of Athens and Thessaloniki to the serene olive groves and vineyards of destinations as varied as Chania in Crete and Messinia in the Peloponnese, or Naxos in the Aegean and Corfu in the Ionian Sea, our foodie tours and experiences cover the length and breadth of Greece. There’s no better way to get to know the Greek way of life.

Delicious Athens food tour


Experience the vibrant food scene of Athens on this guided tour. Visit local markets, sample traditional Greek dishes, and learn about the rich culinary history of Greece. This tour is perfect for food lovers who want to discover the gastronomic secrets of the Greek capital with an expert guide. 

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Corfu cooking class & authentic private culinary experience


Immerse yourself in the culinary culture of Corfu with a private cooking class. Learn to prepare traditional Greek dishes using fresh ingredients and time-honoured techniques, guided by an experienced chef. After the class, enjoy your home-cooked meal with a glass of local wine.

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Thessaloniki open markets food tasting tour


Explore the open markets of Thessaloniki on this food-tasting tour. Sample a wide variety of local products, including cheeses, olives, spices and sweets. Your knowledgeable guide will share the history and stories behind each local ingredient as you get to know one of the best foodie destinations in Greece.

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Private Meteora food & wine tour


Discover the gastronomic delights of Meteora on this private food and wine tour. Visit a local winery, sample the region's finest wines, and learn about traditional Greek cuisine. This tour is perfect for food and wine enthusiasts and can be included in a day trip from Athens.

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Ultimate food tour in the villages of Chania


Embark on a culinary adventure through the villages of Chania in Crete. Visit local producers, taste traditional dishes and learn about the island's rich culinary history. This immersive experience is perfect for food lovers looking to explore the authentic flavours of Crete. 

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Ancient olive groves & olive oil workshop in Delphi


Explore the ancient olive groves of Delphi and learn about the history and importance of olive oil in Greek culture. Taste different olive oils, participate in a hands-on workshop, and gain a deeper understanding of this essential ingredient in Greek cuisine. 

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Private delicacy discovery in Naxos island


Dive into a culinary journey through the mainland of Naxos Island. During this delightful sweet and savoury journey, venture deep into the mainland of Naxos and explore two vital aspects of Naxian self-sufficiency. This delectable opportunity allows you to meet local residents, sample their delicious treats, and understand why they find this island so enchanting!

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Athens evening food tasting tour


Experience the vibrant nightlife and culinary scene of Athens on this evening food-tasting tour. Visit local hotspots, taste a variety of traditional Greek dishes and drinks, and learn about Athens' thriving food scene. This tour is perfect for those who want to explore the city's gastronomic delights after the sun goes down.

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Cooking class & lunch at eco farm near Kalamata


Experience the beauty and bounty of Messinia at an eco-friendly farm. Participate in a hands-on cooking class, using fresh, organic ingredients to create traditional Greek dishes. After the class, enjoy your delicious meal surrounded by the tranquil countryside. This immersive experience is perfect for those seeking a taste of authentic Greek cuisine and sustainable living.

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Start your culinary adventure in Greece

Whether you're a full-on foodie or simply curious about Greek cuisine, these food tours and cooking classes offer wonderful opportunities to delve deeper into the flavours and traditions of Greece. Book your unforgettable food tour or cooking class through Discover Greece today and let your Greek gastronomic adventure begin.

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