26/11/2023 – 11/01/2024 · Athens

Venue Details

National Gallery, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

Athens, Attica

Fans of legendary soprano Maria Callas can enjoy UNBOXING CALLAS: An archival exploration of the Plyromallis collection and the GNO archive, on the 2nd floor of the National Library, from 26 November 2023 to 11 January 2024.

The exhibition is inspired by personal stories, memories and archival objects of Maria Callas, creating a collective artistic account of her career.

The objects come from the archival collections of the National Opera and from recently acquired collections such as the archive of collector Dimitris Pyromallis on the art and life of Callas, and the Cleisthenes photographic archive. Also presented are original creations by contemporary artists inspired by the archive.

Using archive boxes and GNO structures offered for reuse, the design of the exhibition is fully sustainable. The original artwork gives access to stories and attitudes that have been silenced or omitted from the dominant narrative of Maria Callas, offering an opportunity to revisit the legend of one of the most dominant opera singers of the 20th century, while keeping her artistic contribution intact.

Source: Official Website of the Greek National Opera

Ticket Details

The exhibition is free of charge.


26/11/2023 – 11/01/2024