Max Cooper - “Aether”

16/01/2024 · Athens

Venue Details

Athens Concert Hall

Athens, Attica

The Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) will be presenting Aether, an audiovisual performance by music producer Max Cooper on 16 January 2024.  

Described by the creators as a matrix of LEDs programmed to dance to the rhythm of the music, Aether is a three-dimensional installation of a sound/visual field of light and is the culmination of many years of experimentation between Max Cooper and the Architecture Social Club

Born in Northern Ireland, Max Cooper holds a prominent place in the electronic scene. An artist with a creative curiosity and sensibility, he is inspired by the science of genetics and approaches concepts such as emergence, identity and infinity through his extraordinary and complex musical creations. The result is an abstract musical narrative in which art, architecture and science interact in the most striking way. 


Source: Athens Concert Hall Official Website


Ticket Details

The show will presented in the Christos Lambrakis Hall of the Megaron and starts at 20:30.

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