Leprous, Monuments & Kalandra live in Athens

2 March 2023 · ATHENS

Venue Details

Gagarin Live Music Space

205 Liosion str.

104 45, Athens

After four years, the amazing Norwegian metal band Leprous are back in Athens as part of the "Aphelion European Tour 2023", for one more show on March 2nd at the Gagarin 205 Live Music Space. Together with Monuments and Kalandra, they form an impressive triple-bill dedicated to metal music.

In a remarkable career spanning two decades, Leprous have established themselves as the kings of progressive metal. From their debut album "Tall Poppy Syndrome", it became clear that this is not ‘just another band’. With their next two albums, "Bilateral" and "Coal", we saw that Leprous have a vision for their music, where labels and boundaries have no place or meaning. Based on progressive and alternative sounds, the beloved Norwegians of the Greek scene managed to create a blend of their own, refreshing and modern. Instead of resting on their laurels, their next step was even more daring. While they reached their peak with 2015's "The Congregation", they decided to open up their palette even more in their next album "Malina", an ambitious album where they make a significant break with their past sound. The result was clearly seen in 2019's brilliant "Pitfalls", a reference album that was praised by audiences and critics alike, as was their most recent "Aphelion".

As good as they are in the studio, Leprous are a different beast on stage. Their live shows are monumental and intense. They are true musical experiences that the audience will carry with them for a long time.

Performing alongside them, the British Monuments are the epitome of a progressive metalcore band. Ever since they released their debut album "Gnosis" in 2012, their distinctive rhythmic sound, filled with complex melodies, has sparked interest. Andy Cizek's vocals and presence and Josh Browne's addictive riffs, along with their undeniable technical skills, create an explosive, "controlled" chaos.

Meanwhile, Kalandra have rightfully created a sensation and their songs are racking up millions of streams. Their big break came when Wadruna covered their own "Helvegen". Their crystalline and ethereal vocals are combined with melodies and compositions that celebrate the frosty landscapes and traditions of Scandinavia, in a magical result that is increasingly resonating with the general public, making them the new great hope from the musical North.

The concert will be an immersive experience for metal lovers as well as for those who are adventurous and love to discover new musical genres and sounds.

Source: Detox Events


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2 March 2023