"The Greek Schubert"

08 April 2023 · ATHENS

Venue Details

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Greek National Opera Alternative Stage

Syggrou Avenue and Evripidou Street

Songs by Franz Schubert on the theme of Greek Antiquity.

The longing for a better world, for harmony and happiness in the community, for the golden age or simply for the country where milk and honey flow is deeply human. In every era, it was particularly formative for the great philosophers and statesmen of their time.

In the 19th century, in search of lofty ideals, people looked back with reverence on the historical era of Graeco-Roman antiquity. Poets like Friedrich Schiller or Friedrich Hölderlin almost transfigured it, thus laying the foundation for the tradition of humanist education.

The spark of admiration for antiquity was also kindled in the great Franz Schubert, in particular through his friendship with the Viennese poet Johann Mayrhofer, who was active as a classicist and thus an expert in Greek mythology. Around 30 songs and ballads on this subject were created in this way.

In this special song recital by the internationally distinguished Greek baritone Aris Argiris, who appears for the first time at the GNO Alternative Stage accompanied by the pianist Peter Bortfeldt, the audience will have the opportunity to experience 17 of Franz Schubert’s fascinating songs on the subject of Greek gods and classical mythology.

Aris Argiris baritone
Peter Bortfeldt piano Songs by Franz Schubert on the theme of Greek Antiquity. Aris Argiris baritone. Peter Bortfeldt piano.

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Ticket prices:: 12€, 15€
Students, children: 10€


08 April 2023