Béjart Ballet Lausanne: “Ballet for Life”

23-26/11/2023 · Athens

Venue Details

Athens Concert Hall (Megaron)

Athens, Attica

The Béjart Ballet Lausanne Company presents the iconic dance performance, Ballet for Life, at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) from 23 to 26 November 2023.

Ballet for Life is a unique "meeting" between three huge names. Visionary choreographer Maurice Béjart brings to the stage the spirit and mood of Freddie Mercury through the original music of Queen and the stunning costumes of legendary designer Gianni Versace.

This is the first time a ballet has combined rock music with some of Mozart's most famous pieces that fit perfectly and enhance the ballet's dynamic. At the heart of the piece is the loss of two legendary performers, Freddie Mercury and dancer Jorge Donn. 

Ballet for Life conveys a range of alternating emotions, including, love, fear, anguish, hope, humour and the pain of loss, all of which can easily be related to.

Inspired by the life and work of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, Béjart Ballet Lausanne's Ballet for Life remains an ode to artists who died too young.


Source: Athens Concert Hall Official Website


Ticket Details

  • The show starts at 21:00 for the 23, 24 & 25/11 and at 17:00 for the 25 & 26/11.
  • Ticket prices range from 25-110€

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