7 Exciting outdoor activities near Kalamata

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In the Messinia region of the Peloponnese, Kalamata offers a diverse range of outdoor activities for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. From sandy beaches to lush mountains, holidays in Kalamata guarantee memorable experiences in some of Greece’s most diverse landscapes. To help you decide, we've compiled a list of some of the best nature activities in Kalamata. Book your adventure through DiscoverGreece.com and embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting landscapes of Messinia!

SUP & snorkelling in Kalamata


Explore Kalamata's stunning coastline with a stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and snorkelling adventure. Glide through crystal-clear waters, observe marine life and enjoy picturesque views. Your experienced guide ensures a safe and enjoyable experience, sharing insights about Kalamata's marine life. Suitable for all skill levels, this adventure is perfect for discovering Kalamata's natural beauty. 

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SUP & snorkelling in Voidokilia


Discover the other-world beauty of Voidokilia beach on a SUP and snorkelling excursion. Explore caves, observe diverse marine life and learn about the region's history from your knowledgeable guide. Voidokilia's calm waters make it ideal for beginners and experienced paddleboarders alike. Experience the wonders of this iconic beach and create lasting memories. 

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Hiking around Navarino Bay

Navarino Bay

Experience Navarino Bay's breathtaking beauty on a guided hiking tour. Traverse scenic trails, uncover hidden coves and witness unique natural landscapes. Your guide will share fascinating stories about the area's history, flora, and fauna. Suitable for all fitness levels, this hiking adventure offers spectacular panoramic views and unforgettable memories. 

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Hiking in Kardamyli


Explore the old fortress town of Kardamyli on a guided hiking tour through picturesque trails, olive groves and ancient sites. Witness the unforgettable Peloponnese landscapes below Mt Taygettus and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty in and around one of Mani’s prettiest settlements. This hiking experience is suitable for all fitness levels, offering a unique opportunity to connect with nature and discover the region's hidden gems. 

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Canyoning at the Neda waterfalls

Neda waterfalls

Experience an adrenaline-fuelled canyoning adventure at the fairytale beautiful Neda waterfalls. Navigate dramatic gorges, slide down natural water slides and leap into crystal-clear pools under the guidance of experienced instructors. This exhilarating adventure is perfect for thrill-seekers and nature lovers, offering a unique perspective of the region's hidden treasures. No previous canyoning experience is required. 

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Sea Kayaking in Navarino Bay

Navarino Bay

Discover Navarino Bay's stunning natural beauty on a guided sea kayaking tour. Paddle along the coastline, explore secluded beaches and learn about the area's rich history from your experienced guide. This kayaking experience is perfect for all skill levels and offers a unique way to experience the magnificent Navarino Bay, famous for the Battle of Navarino, a decisive naval conflict in Greece's liberation from the Turks.

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Sea Kayaking in Kardamyli


Embark on a sea kayaking adventure in Kardamyli, exploring the picturesque coastline, hidden coves, and crystal-clear waters. Paddle along the coast, enjoy the stunning views and immerse yourself in the beauty of the region. Your knowledgeable guide ensures a safe and enjoyable experience while sharing interesting insights about Kardamyli's history and natural wonders. Suitable for all skill levels, this sea kayaking adventure is a memorable way to experience Kardamyli's unique charm. 

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Don't miss out on Kalamata's outdoor adventures

Experience the best that Kalamata has to offer with these unforgettable outdoor activities. From SUP and snorkelling to hiking and sea kayaking, there's something for everyone in this beautiful region. Immerse yourself in nature, create lasting memories and discover the hidden treasures of Kalamata and Messinia, in the Peloponnese. Book your adventure through discovergreece.com and get your holidays started.

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