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‘’Wondering what to do in the Peloponnese? There are unlimited options of outdoor activities and adventure trips here. Whether you are a couple, a family with kids, a group of friends or just an individual adventure seeker, we have the right trip for you. Our outdoor activities range from Sea Kayaking, Paddleboarding, River Trekking and Whitewater Rafting to Hiking, Canyoning and Cycling. Paddle your Kayak along the most beautiful coastal routes of the Peloponnese and discover hidden coves and beaches, sea caves and uninhabited islands. Walk or Cycle through the olive groves, over stone-built trails and pathways leading back in time. Trek the Tayetos peaks that top out above 2407 meters. Cross the deep canyons carved over millions of years. Whatever your choice is, you will remember it for a long after getting back home.’’


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SUP & Snorkeling in Kalamata

<p>Kalamata,home of the famous black olivesand the southernmost city in Greece combines a unique coastline along with the imposing views of mount Taygetos.The city offers a diverse coastline with calm weather conditions, an ideal environment for Stand Up Padleboarding. Our SUP &amp; Snorkeling trip here is a super fun experience suitable for everybody along the tranquil coast of Kalamata.</p><p><br></p><p>We meet at Archontiko beach, a few kilometers south of Kalamata. After a short introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding where you will learn the basic paddling techniques such as how to turn, how to stop, and stand up until you become confident on your board, we are ready to go. Starting at a slow pace, we shall practice our skills, stop occasionally to enjoy the beautiful landscape, and take pictures. The view from a Paddleboard is unique, giving the paddler a different perception of the water. It is very often happening to see fish and sea turtles swimming below the surface. In addition, the view from on top of the water is equally impressive. The beauty of the diverse coastline is stunning offering endless spots in hidden coves to swim and play around. We take a break at the beach we like for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling. The warm sea and the crystal clear waters are making snorkeling here a must-do and enjoyable activity. A delicious picnic is also scheduled during our relaxing time, sourced from farm-fresh, local producers carefully prepared by your guide.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023

Sea Kayaking Kardamyli

<p>Kardamyli and Stoupa are two villages in Mani nestled between the blue waters of the Messinian Gulf and Mount Taygetos creating one of the prettiest settings in the Peloponnese. Sea kayaking here is indeed one of our most popular tours offering an inch-by-inch exploration of the rich in images and diverse environment. The lacy coastline of the Mani. We paddle in warm crystal-clear waters, exploring hidden coves and impressive rock formations. We visit sea caves and discover idyllic beaches sprouted along the shoreline.</p><p><br></p><p>Our trip starts from Kardamyli’s old harbor. Before departure, your guide will brief you on trip details, kayak paddling techniques, and safety measures. Soon we will be exploring the coast at a relaxed paddling pace and your guides will reveal to you some of the secrets of the area. Each little cove hides a special surprise such as hidden sea caves, rock gardens, cliffs with spectacular formations, hidden sandy, and pebble beaches. The perspective of the sea bed from your kayak is unique. You can see through the crystal-clear water the sea life and if you are lucky a sea turtle swimming under your kayak. One of the top attractions of this trip is a visit to the Blue Cave. A spectacular natural phenomenon where sunlight passing through a crack in the cave reflects on the seafloor an aquamarine color. A swim in the cave is a must-do and a lifetime experience. On the way, we shall visit rock pyramids emerging from the sea with an option for those daring to try cliff diving. Halfway we shall make a relaxing stop for swimming, snorkeling and to taste a homemade picnic of fresh local delicacies. After lunch, we shall paddle back to the starting point to end a remarkable day at the coastline of Mani.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023

Hiking around Navarino Bay

<p>Navarino bay near Pylos is a natural harbor where the island of Sphacteria stands as a natural barrier against the open Ionian Sea. An area integrated to the environmental program natura 2000 and the largest wetland in southern Greece offering shelter to endemic and migrating birds. Apart from its ecological significance, the area never ceases to amaze with its incredible beauty, attracting people from all over the world.</p><p><br></p><p>Our hike starts from Divari beach near Gialova. We follow the path around the lagoon where we get the opportunity to witness a unique and sensitive ecosystem. Here, migratory birds such as herons, flamingos and ospreys live which may have the opportunity to observe. We cross the dunes until we reach the famous omega shape beach of Voidokoilia. A refreshing swim into its turquoise waters is an option. On the way to Paleokastro fort we stop to explore the cave of mythical king Nestor. At the top of the hill we explore the medieval castle and learn about the intense history of the region. Here, the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape reveals breathtaking vistas hard to believe it's true. After tasting a healthy picnic, we descend the way back.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023

Hiking Menalon & Lousios Gorge

<p>Menalon Trail, located in Arcadia of central Peloponnese is the first certified trail in Greece by the European Ramblers Association (ERA). The area is not just mountainous but it is also characterized by a rugged relief composed of continuous valleys, deep gorges, big plateaus and bare peaks. Part of Menalon trail is the famous and very popular hike from Stemnitsa to Dimitsana comprising some of the best features of the area.</p><p><br></p><p>Our trip starts from Stemnitsa the village of goldsmiths to Dimitsana the village of watermills. These are two of the most important settlements in the Peloponnese and two of the most picturesque of Greece. Both excellent examples of traditional stone architecture, dominant in every public building, dwellings and churches and in the village cobble paths. We walk into a versatile environment encountering the Byzantine Monasteries of Prodromos and Philosophos dating to 963 A.D. literally hanging off the cliffs. We discover old hermitages, watermills and water springs while crossing the imposing gorge of Lousios the river where mythical god Zeus had his first bath. We end our journey at the Open-Air Water Power Museum in Dimitsana, a place highlighting the importance of water power in traditional society.</p>

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Sea Kayak Nafplio

<p>Nafplio, located less than two hours' drive by car from Athens is one of the most beautiful towns in the Peloponnese as well as one of the most romantic cities all over Greece. It occupies a waterside location between the massive principal fortress of Palamidi, the smaller Akronafplia, and the diminutive Bourtzi on an islet west of the old town. The town is surrounded by a remarkable landscape and a great way to see it is from the sea.</p><p><br></p><p>Our sea kayaking trip starts at the northern side of the port where you meet your guide. You will be briefed in detail regarding all the important trip info and safety advice after which you will start your paddling adventure on a crystal-clear sea. What is unique when Sea Kayaking around Nafplio is the view of three medieval forts creating remarkable scenery. We shall paddle towards Bourtzi, built on the 15th century on an islet right in front of the port. Watching the Unesco world heritage fortress of Palamidi and the town beneath from sea level is a remarkable experience. We carry on paddling along and under the hill of Akronauplia fortress with spectacular views of the cliffs covered in prickly pear cactus. After some kayaking we shall make a stop for swimming and snorkeling, and those of you who are even more adventurous will be able to do cliff diving! Here we shall also taste our homemade picnic of local delicacies and relax under the sun. After this energy pumped stop, we will circle back around the hill and return back to the town.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023

Sea Kayak Kalamata

<p>Kalamata not only is blessed with some of the most gorgeous Mediterranean landscape but also offers some of the most beautiful beaches and coasts. The city has been built harmoniously between the Messinian Gulf and among the slopes of Taygetos. A mountain that literally touches the sea. The bay of Kalamata and the surrounding coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty where you can experience it with the unique way from the seat of a Sea Kayak.</p><p><br></p><p>This trip is suitable for everybody but ideal for families and kids. We keep the pace relaxed, take a few breaks ensuring everybody is having a great time at the sea. Before departure your guide will introduce you to the kayaks and equipment. You will learn an easy paddling technique that will help you enjoy the experience. During the trip this relaxing journey along the coastline east of Kalamata we’ll get a chance to see the city from a distance. We will enjoy the friendly Messinian gulf paddling next to scenic harbors, spectacular cliffs and secret coves with sandy beaches. We may be lucky enough to witness wildlife such as the famous Caretta Caretta sea turtle. As you glide through the water you will soon realize how easy and effortless kayaking is. In spots with the most beautiful water we shall take not miss the chance for swimming, snorkeling and hunt for shells. Halfway we shall make another break to relax and taste a delicious picnic of freshly baked bread, organic, garden-grown fruits and vegetables, homemade olive oil, and cheese. After lunch we shall paddle back to the starting point to end a journey you will remember for a long time.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 December 2023