Sunset in Posidi, Halkidiki

Halkidiki: Mirage in the med

An exotic holiday dreamland on your doorstep
An exotic holiday dreamland on your doorstep
As long as it takes to eat a slice of watermelon

Halkidiki invites you to do the things you deserve most; sit back and relax, enjoy and indulge.

Welcome to the paradise that is Halkidiki. It will amaze with its exotic views, invigorate your body in its clear blue waters, pamper all your senses in its hospitable hotels and, if you so wish, uplift your spirit with its religious heritage.

A wondrous mix

A place where the lush green of the land spills into the blue of the sea, the exotic getaway that has lived in your imagination for as long as you can remember is actually on your doorstep. There is just something about Halkidiki that sets it apart from the rest of Greece. It’s that special combination of stunning out-of-this-world scenery, beaches for all moods, that heady mix of sea breeze and the scent of pine, the exuberant eclectic festivals that it prides itself on hosting, rich cultural history, immense religious importance and delightful cuisine. And nowhere else will you find making friends such an enriching experience. With visitors from all over the world, you will find time becomes an irrelevance as you while away the hours in some beach cafe or another, reveling in the unique bonhomie.

Paliouri beach in Halkidiki

Everyone’s idea of a holiday

Yes, it is often claimed of any holiday destination but Halkidiki really DOES have something for everyone. If it’s adrenaline you crave, it can be a vibrant sun-soaked cauldron of activity that dares you to keep pace and stay young. Choose from a seemingly endless range of beach sports and top off the day by sampling the nightlife. If you come as a family, you can expect a warm welcome and understanding of what you need to have fun and adventure and to make the most of your precious time together. Then, if you’re looking for something a little more sedate, simply put your feet up, indulge yourself, be pampered in one of numerous high end accommodation options; perhaps an early evening round of golf or cocktails by the pool.

A dream that’s real

Mythology talks of battles between gods and giants; visit any one of the three fingers, Kassandra, Sithonia or the renowned monastic retreat of Mount Athos and the charming sense of mystery and magic still hangs palpably in the air. But today Halkidiki offers so much more to its visitor. With a warm embrace extended to all-comers, it blends the carefree with the exciting, making a holiday that’s fun but not too frenetic, if that is not quite to your taste. Indeed, there can be something almost dreamy about your time there and perhaps this more than anything is the essence of exoticism. So come and experience for yourself the place that has kept its authenticity, vibrancy and open-heartedness like no other. 

Are you dreaming of the dreamland yet? If you have already experienced the mirage for yourself, let the rest of the world in on the secret; the magic of Halkidiki. There’s no time like the present to send us your wondrous stories and photographs that capture one of the many sides of this shimmering paradise and enter the competition that will bring the winner a five-day break in one of the region's finest five-star hotels…and then, as is the way with mirages, you just won’t believe your eyes!

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