Kyria Boutique House

Vintage Charm in the Heart of Athens Welcome to Kyria Boutique House: your very own vintage love story in the making!

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Athens - Dionisiou Areopagitou & Vironos 24



Vintage Charm in the Heart of Athens

Welcome to Kyria Boutique House: your very own vintage love story in the making!
Have you ever yearned for something more from your travel experiences?
Do you feel a longing for the romance of the past?

The exclusive, five-room Kyra vintage boutique hotel is homed in a historical residence dating back to 1863, in the very heart of Athens, and is alive with the spirit of generations passed, and the ever-present heartfelt hospitality for which Greece is known and loved.

Once the home of Aliki and Giovanni – star-crossed lovers circa 1900 who married in the residence’s courtyard – the beauty of this enduring love can still be felt within our very own hotel today, like a blossoming rose growing through the centuries.

With its rich history and culture, and magical mythology, Athens has long possessed an irresistible charm that has beckoned travellers from far and wide.

Now, with the opening of our small yet luxurious Kyra Boutique Hotel in an enviable location a breath away from the world-revered Acropolis, travelling couples and families can fully immerse themselves in Greek culture, in designing their own epic love story of travel, treasured moments, and timeless memories.

So, when refreshing yourselves in one of our elegant and retro-styled suites complete with contemporary comforts, or when sipping a homegrown wine from our roof garden and beholding the awe-inspiring Acropolis, pause a while and witness: your fairy tale travel dreams are coming true!



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