chora of Andros

10 best things to do in Andros

Discover all the best things to do in Andros, including the highlights of Hora, best beaches in Andros, local cuisine, traditional villages, hiking & nature activities and culture spots
Piraeus boat trip

10 best things to do in Piraeus

Discover the best things to do in Piraeus, including neighbourhoods and marinas (Piraiki, Zeas, Pasalimani, Mikrolimano and Kastella), museums, tavernas, art spaces and nightlife)
Messolongi harbour

12 best things to do in Messolongi

All the best things to do in Messolongi, a city of lagoons and heroes in Western Greece (including eco-activities, museums, birdwatching, local cuisine, hiking and beaches)
Ioannina Aerial view of lake pamvotida and Fethiye Mosque

A walking tour of Ioannina Castle

Delve into the world of Ali Pasha, one of the most powerful rulers in Greece during Ottoman times, with a tour of the monuments and museums of Ioannina Castle in Epirus