Reworks Festival 2023

20 - 24/08/2023 · Thessaloniki

Venue Details

Royal Palace (Kivernio)
Mylos Complex
The MET Hotel

Thessaloniki, Macedonia

The pioneer electronic music festival Reworks returns to Thessaloniki from 20-24 September, presenting a wide spectrum of electronic music and its relation with other music genres. 

Every year, Reworks transforms Thessaloniki into a meeting place for friends of advanced music from the city and beyond. Five days full of sounds in different spots of the city create a unique vibe for Thessaloniki throughout different experiences under the creative philosophy and celebratory atmosphere. DJs, live performances from artists from all over the world and domestic scene of Greece and Thessaloniki create a mosaic from the east to the west and everywhere in between. 

Approaching the two-decade landmark, the 19th edition of Reworks will present different aspects of electronic sound and remains an open platform of creativity and expression, building bridges between different scenes, generations and norms. 

Check out the full programme and line-up of Reworks 2023 here

Source: Reworks Festival Official Website


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Ticket Details

You can get a four-day ticket to attend at Reworks, which includes all events for 20, 21, 22 and 23 September or a one-day ticket for any day you would like.

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20 - 24/08/2023

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