Brevet Philippi 2023

23/09/2023 · Philippi

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Brevet Philippi 2023 will take place on 23 September, starting and finishing at Philippi Park, in northern Greece. It is a 210 km bike race which passes through local settlements and important archaeological sites such as Philippi (named of Philip II of Macedon and site of the Battle of Philippi in 42BC) and Amphipolis.

The Brevet Philippi cycling event aims to promote the region of Philippi, in Macedonia, as a centre of cultural and sports tourism since it is a place of great cultural and environmental interest. 

The world-renowned settlements are highlighted during the bike ride, which also aims to showcase the cultural and environmental monuments of the wider region.

If you like exploring new places by bike, Brevet Philippi 2023 is the event for you!

Source: Brevet Philippi Official Website


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