20-21/7/2023 · Sparta

Venue Details

Propylon and garden of the Archaeological Museum of Sparta

Sparta, Peloponnese

The dance performance "Eurotas", with music by Manolis Manousakis and choreography by Katerina Skiadas, is part of the Ministry of Culture’s “All of Greece, One Culture 2023" programme, which this year is dedicated to the environment.


The work Eurotas is a resounding artistic commentary on man's relationship with Nature and the necessity of protecting the natural environment through the generations. The flow of the actions of the five performers - of different ages - in the natural daylight, invites the spectators to focus on an action that takes place sometimes near and sometimes far away from them, in order to perceive it through space and time. The spectators are invited to a walk with stops in which they will change their field of vision each time, so that they can listen to the landscape as much as they become aware of the human interventions that alter it, highlighting the "stakes" of coexistence. Manolis Manousakis' original musical composition sometimes takes the audience to the river and sometimes to the city. This alternation will raise questions. The aim of Eurotas is to sensitize the audience and raise questions about the coexistence of man and Nature. 

  • Music composition: Manolis Manoussakis
  • Choreography: Katerina Skiada
  • The dancers: Sania Stribakou, Yanna Filippopoulou, Ioanna Apostolou, Nikos Draconas, Epaminondas Damopoulos 
  • AMKE: Institute For Social And Economic Development Of Laconia

Source: All Greece One Culture 2023 & Greek National Opera



The performance starts at 19:30 and will last 55 minutes.


Ticket Details

The event is implemented in the framework of the institution "All of Greece, One Culture 2023" by the Ministry of Culture and is offered free of charge. Only the entrance fee of the archaeological site, where applicable, is paid. 

Pre-booking is obligatory.

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