The tear

30-31/8/2023 · Chios

Venue Details

Ottoman Castle

Chios, North Aegean

"The tear" by Evi Soulis, Marilena Georgantzi, Kostas Theodorakis, is a performance which is part of the Ministry of Culture’s “All of Greece, One Culture 2023" programme, which this year is dedicated to the environment.


"If you don't thrive in a place, consider whether it's not you but your environment..." The group Stereo Water follows the life of the inhabitants of the Mastic Villages of Chios and analyses their connection to the life cycle of the "weeping tree". Through poetic images and kinetic patterns, it observes the unique characteristics of the local microclimate and investigates the creation of the corresponding culture. Focusing on the ever-changing weather system, the performance "The tear" raises questions about the fragility of the symbiosis of human and non-human and the loss of inscribed collective experience. By studying the present condition through testimonies, archival material and cultural references of Chios, and in the light of an ongoing climate change, the performers create a community with new characteristics, coming from the future. The familiar intertwines with the unfamiliar, as humans try to find their place in emerging environments. 

  • Idea, conception, creative team: Evi Soulis, Marilena Georgantzi, Kostas Theodorakis 
  • Direction, choreography: Evi Soulis
  • Music supervision, composition: Yann Van Angelopoulos
  • Set design, visual design: Marilena Georgantzi
  • Costumes: 2WO+1NE=2
  • Head of research, production organisation: Costas Theodorakis
  • Performing: Maria Vourou, Elsa Siskou, Themis Hatzi, Mikes Glykas 
  • Contemporary Dance Group Stereo Nero

Source: All Greece One Culture 2023 & Greek National Opera



The performance starts at 21:00 and will have a duration of 70 minutes.


Ticket Details

The event is implemented in the framework of the institution "All of Greece, One Culture 2023" by the Ministry of Culture and is offered free of charge. Only the entrance fee of the archaeological site, where applicable, is paid. 

Pre-booking is obligatory.

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