A cyclist changes the world

5-6/8/2023 · Rhodes

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Bastion of the Grand Master's Palace

Rhodes, Dodecanese


The children’s-teenagers’ play "A cyclist changes the world" by Argyro Tamvakou and Panagiotis Lambis, is part of the Ministry of Culture’s “All of Greece, One Culture 2023" programme, which this year is dedicated to the environment.


Research has shown that cycling, compared to driving, saves 150 grams of CO2 per kilometre and is undoubtedly one of humanity's best hopes for a zero-carbon future. With this in mind, the Tik Tak Do team presents an original musical fairy tale with an adventurous plot for children, inspired by the only bicycle manufacturer in Greece, Giorgos Vogiatzis. 

In the performance "A cyclist changes the world", Diagoras uses a bicycle for his daily commute. One day, he meets the Mayor and they make a bet: If Diagoras cycles around Europe, the Mayor will build bike lanes! So begins a journey full of adventures and unpredictable encounters! A musical fairy tale as an enchanting tour of the characteristics and traditions of European cultures and a highlight of the benefits of green transport. 

  • Authoring text: Argyro Tamvakou, Panagiotis Lambis
  • Directed by: Panagiotis Adam
  • Original music: Stratis Steele 
  • Choreography: Loukas Theodossopoulos 
  • Lighting design: Panagiotis Lambis 
  • Performing: Loukas Theodossopoulos, Christos Kapenis, Argyro Tamvakou
  • AMKE: Centre for Theatrical Art

Source: All Greece One Culture 2023 & Greek National Opera



The performance starts at 21:00 and will have a duration of 60 minutes.


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The event is implemented in the framework of the institution "All of Greece, One Culture 2023" by the Ministry of Culture and is offered free of charge. Only the entrance fee of the archaeological site, where applicable, is paid. 

Pre-booking is obligatory.

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