Cherry Garden or In the garden of the museum

22-23/8/2023 · Heraklion

Venue Details

Archaeological Museum of Mesara

Heraklion, Crete


The theatrical performance "Cherry Garden or In the Garden of the Museum" by Despina Dorina Remediaki, is part of the Ministry of Culture’s “All of Greece, One Culture 2023" programme, which this year is dedicated to the environment.


A performance as an architectural reconstruction of memory with coordinates of experiences and scattered pieces of the habitat. A story of returning, to the home of childhood, to the garden of an inner beauty and innocence, as the only way to draw hope to make "other cherry trees". The last heirs will attempt the reconstruction of a lost earthly paradise through the topography of memory. When home is no longer here. And when the garden is no longer here... they will be forced to bloom themselves, for each other. A little ode to personal loss. For every loss. For whoever and whatever is missing. For the lost paradise itself. The nostalgia of a happiness. Life as a possibility that, if sung, if danced, if confessed, can also lead us to redemption. An anecdote, a funny story, a farce about God's failure to give us a life that lasts forever. 

  • Directed by: Despina Dorina Remediaki 
  • Assistant director: Niovi Danezi
  • Translation: Chrysa Prokopaki
  • Scenery: Marilena Kalaitzantonaki
  • Costumes, assistant set designer: Lydia Tranta
  • Music: Jan Van Angelopoulos
  • Movement: Katerina Fotis 
  • Lighting: Chronis Sapountzakis
  • Video, digital environments: Christos Simeonidis
  • Videography, sound recording: Maria Papadaki
  • Interpreters: Konstantinos Yournas, Titus Grigoropoulos, Maria Damasioti, Giorgos Dikaios, Nadia Katsoura, Despina Kourtti, Emmanuela Magoni and the young Konstantinos Sapountzakis

Source: All Greece One Culture 2023 & Greek National Opera



The performance starts at 20:00 and will have a duration of 110 minutes.


Ticket Details

The event is implemented in the framework of the institution "All of Greece, One Culture 2023" by the Ministry of Culture and is offered free of charge. Only the entrance fee of the archaeological site, where applicable, is paid. 

Pre-booking is obligatory.

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