The chainsaws of Erysichthon

8-9/8/2023 · Grevena

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Archaeological site of the Holy Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary of Tornikiou

Grevena, Macedonia

The theatrical play "The chainsaws of Erysichthon" by Stamatis Pasopoulos and Nikos Galenianos, is part of the Ministry of Culture’s “All of Greece, One Culture 2023" programme, which this year is dedicated to the environment.


Erysychthon, in his mania to cut down trees, did not even respect the sacred poplar of Demeter. Then the goddess condemned him to an insatiable hunger that led him to a horrible death, after he ate his own flesh. The musical performance with live sculpture "The chainsaws of Erysichthon" deals with the issue of man's exploitation of nature. 

On stage are two sculptors and four musicians. The sculptors carve poplar logs, the instruments converse and resonate with their carpenter's sound while the reformed chamois "No crying trees and branches" intrudes. The partnership between the ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ and the loggers produces a music that is apocalyptic and unprecedented that, from being a noise pollution and an omen of evil, becomes the dramatic vehicle of the myth. The tools in the hands of the loggers lead not to the destruction of nature, but to the creation of three-dimensional sculptures through a dialogue with it.

  • Composition, supervision: Stamatis Pasopoulos, Nikos Galenianos
  • Live sculpture with chainsaw: Philip Kalamaras, Theodoros Zyrpiadis
  • Stage design, dramaturgy: Michael Paraskakis
  • Lighting: Eleni Chumou
  • Playing members of TETTIX: Irini Amanatiadou (bass clarinet), Katerina Konstantourou (keyboards), Haris Pazaroulas (double bass), Panagiotis Ziavras (percussion).
  • Production management, supervision: Nikos Ioakim
  • AMKE: KALNTA Recordings & Productions 

Source: All Greece One Culture 2023 & Greek National Opera



The performance starts at 21:00 and will have a duration of 60 minutes.


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The event is implemented in the framework of the institution "All of Greece, One Culture 2023" by the Ministry of Culture and is offered free of charge. Only the entrance fee of the archaeological site, where applicable, is paid. 

Pre-booking is obligatory.

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