Exploring the Historic Churches of Syros

Exploring the Historic Churches of Syros


  • The St. Nicolas Cathedral in the esteemed Vaporia district is renowned for its lavish interiors and stunning sea-overlooking mansions.
  • Assumption of the Virgin Church, built in 1828, is a three-aisled Basilica housing an iconic 1562 painting by El Greco.
  • The Mausoleum of Syros is a testament to the island's history, featuring beautifully designed tombs of notable personalities.
  • Saint George Church in Ano Syros, dating back to 1200, is a vast Catholic complex atop the hill, boasting intricate sculptures and architectural details.
  • The Church of the Resurrection of the Savior marries Byzantine and neoclassical designs and is an active hub for community events.
  • Set amidst a tranquil pine forest, the Church of The Birth of the Virgin at Chroussa exemplifies the blend of Syros's Orthodox and Catholic traditions in a picturesque village setting.
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After the Greek Revolution of 1821, refugees from Chios, Psara, Samos and Kasos settled on the island of Syros, engaged in shipping and trading and build a new town. Explore the beautiful Orthodox and Catholic churches of Syros! Our first stop will be the majestic cathedral of St. Nicolas, patron saint of Hermoupolis that stands out for its lavish interiors and impressive architectural structure. St. Nicholas is located at the prestigious district of Vaporia, featuring some unique high-ceiling mansions that seem to hover above the sea.

Next, we will visit to the Αssumption of the Virgin church which is the second oldest church on the island and was built behind the harbor in 1828. It is a three-aisled Basilica with impressive architecture and decoration. The Interior is adorned with elements from wood and marble while the domes create a wooden frame that looks like an overturned boat. What stands out is the authentic icon of the assumption from 1562 painted by Dominikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco), making the Church one of the most important sights on the island.

Leaving the town center, we will go to the Mausoleum of Syros. This is a cemetery reflecting the history and culture of the magnificent island of Syros in its exquisite mausoleums and beautifully decorated tombstones. The most imposing tombs belong to important personalities of the island like Mavrokordatos, Benakis, Antoniadis and Rodokanakis. The incredible monuments are signed by important Greek as well as Italian artists & sculptors such as Fytalis, Vitalis, Spanos and A. Canessa.

Next stop will be Saint George Church in Ano Syros. This is the Catholic diocese of Syros. Built in 1200 on the highest point of the hill of Ano Syros it has undergone numerous renovations and reconstructions over the years, the latest being that of the Tinian architect Chatzisimos. It is a large complex including the Church, the Bell Tower, the baptistery, the sacristy, the hospitality room, the historical archive building, the Episcopal Palace and an abandoned house. The Cathedral is a three-aisled Basilica with marble columns. Statues of Saints by Italian sculptors of the 18th century dominate the entrance while on the inside visitors will certainly be impressed by the wood-carvings and marble flooring inspired by a Tinian sculptor.

The Church of the Resurrection of the Savior will be our next stop. It is a magnificent temple dedicated to the “Resurrection of the nation” dominating on the hill of Hermoupolis. The church was constructed in 1874 by the local architect Dimitris Eleftheriadis but began to work consistently from 1908 onwards. This is a three-aisled Church of Byzantine style with neoclassical elements, a dome, impressive bell towers and very special icons. The Church is celebrated on the Sunday of St. Thomas and organizes various events for both children and adults.

Last stop will be the church of The Birth of the Virgin at Chroussa. A lavish church in a natural oasis. Chroussa is a charming village with quaint chapels, majestic mansions, villas, Orthodox and Catholic churches, footpaths and alleys that pop up through a magnificent pine forest worth exploring. Just 8.5 km from Hermoupolis, Chroussa constitute an absolute oasis of peace and tranquility while offering a multitude of events throughout the year.
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