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Wine Tasting & Cooking Class in Rhodes

<p>Join Our Greek Cooking class and wine tasting in Rhodes. Learn some Greek and Local recipes and enjoy our self-produced wine!</p><p><br></p><p>We will start this Greek Cooking class and wine tasting tour by taking a tour through the vineyards explaining our cultivation methods and process. Then we head to the outdoor bar to have an in-depth wine tasting while we discuss oenological methods we employ. Afterwards, we appeal to your appetite by starting the cooking class, where participation is optional but usually is super fun. At the end of the cooking part, you can sit down at our restaurant area overlooking the vineyards, where you are served a multi course tapas style meal. We call them”MEZE” (or “mezedes” ) and we feel they follow the theme of discovering Greek cuisine and giving plenty of opportunity to pair the different wines of our production.</p><p><br></p><p>We will teach you to cook traditional Greek and local plates. Furthermore, you will get to know the secrets of preparation of the following:</p>

Offer valid until: 20 November 2023