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Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel is the place to savor your moment in the mythi...

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Naxos - Agios Prokopios

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Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel

Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel is the place to savor your moment in the mythical island of Naxos. Elegant, outgoing and serene, the Lagos Mare experience is a perfect recipe of connecting with the breathtaking nature and rich culture of the Cyclades, along with a graceful stay that embodies the warmth of a loving home.

Nikos Kazantzakis

Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel is a creation of a seaman and a globetrotter; Mr. Stylianos Lagos, or Mr. Stelios, as he is known to locals, founded this hotel in 2006. Fulfilling the dream of his grandfather, Giannis Lagos, who landed in Naxos from Smyrna with his hand crafted wooden boat Eastern Star in 1924, seeking for a peaceful land to start a new life. Overlooking the breathtaking beach of Agios Prokopios, the Lagos Mare retains the intimate atmosphere of a heartwarming home that characterizes its upscale Mediterranean accommodation and the respect of the Lagos family for fine hospitality.

The story of the Lagos Mare Boutique Hotel wouldn’t be complete without its flagship; the leading 1924 Restaurant. Emphasizing in top quality local products and fresh sea food that after three generations of sea connoisseurs is provided straight from the family’s fishing boat, the 1924 is the closest one can get in experiencing the authentic flavors of Naxos. A local cuisine that reflects the creative spirit of the award winning Chef Panayiotis Melidonis stays fresh and playful: if you happen to see Mr. Stelios Lagos, ask him to cook for you his exquisite kakavia, an authentic Greek fishermen’s recipe.




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