In Athens, today, by and between the company under the company name «MARKETING GREECE ΑΝΩΝΥΜΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ ΠΡΟΩΘΗΣΗΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΝΑΠΤΥΞΗΣ ΤΟΥ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΜΟΥ» and distinctive title «MARKETING GREECE A.E.», seated in Athens Greece (20, Voukourestiou  Str., 106 71), under registration number 125083101000 and VAT number 800486464, hereinafter ‘MG’ and Provider (full details of which are written in Registration Form) this PROVIDER’S ORDER FOR THE PROVISION OF PROMOTION SERVICES (hereinafter the ‘Order’) is executed and the following are agreed and mutually accepted:

1. The Provider assigns to MG and MG accepts such assignment, which is to provide to Provider the following Promotion Services for Provider’s enterprise defined in the Registration Form (hereinafter the “Enterprise”). The Promotion Services are the following:

1.1. Creation of a page (hereinafter the “Page”) in the Website for Provider’s Enterprise with the following Content uploaded by Provider:
-    Company name/distinctive title/logo 
-    Short description
-    Detailed description
-    Contact info (address, email, telephone number)
-    Provider’s Εnterprise Website link and links from Provider’s Social Media
-    Booking link 
-    Photographs
-    Offers (applies only for accommodation and transportation businesses) 

Following negotiations and acceptance of this Order by Provider, ΜG shall provide Provider with credentials send to Provider through extranet for the latter to process and renew the Content of the Page. It is explicitly agreed that any renewal of the Page, shall be approved by MG and Provider shall be informed for the approval and publishing of the renewed Content. The previous mentioned approval is not an approval of the correctness and/or of the accuracy of the renewed Content but is made only for technical and aesthetic reasons.

Before Agreement’s expiration, Provider shall receive a notice from MG with the option of renewing the Agreement. 

1.2. Publishing of enterprise’s page in Travel Services Guide, in the map and for businesses of the accommodation sector in booking sector (/hotels) of Website.

2. The term of the Agreement is one year, starts on the date of the payment of the Contribution by Provider and expires on the corresponding date of the following calendar year. 

3. MG’s Contribution for the provision of Promotion Services in the Website is 250 Euros plus VAT per year.  The payment of the Contribution shall be made in one of the following bank bank accounts:

Αριθμός Λογαριασμού / Account Number: 0026.0101.58.0200813640 


Αριθμός Λογαριασμού/Account Number: 104/472365-13 
IBAN: GR 780.110.104.0000.010.447.236.513

Provision of Promotion Services is Contribution free for this first contractual year.

4. In case you want to amend this Order kindly communicate with us, otherwise this Order following MG’s acceptance shall be deemed Accepted Order. 

5. Following negotiations, it is explicitly agreed between the parties that they are not liable towards each other for any Loss incurred due to slight negligence. 

6. This Order is governed by the Terms of Use & Cooperation, the Specific Terms of Use (if they apply), the terms of this very Order, the Privacy Policy & Policy for Trackers (together “Privacy Policy”) of Website, which you herein declare, assure and guarantee that you have understood, accepted and agreed with their terms. All terms with capital shall have the meaning assigned to them herein and in Terms of Use & Cooperation.

7. This Order is governed by Greek law and in case of any dispute the competent Courts are exclusively the Courts of the city of Athens (municipality of Athens).