Culinary Ioannina City Tour


  • Start the day with a local favorite, bougatsa, a delicious pastry available in sweet or savory options, offering a true taste of Ioannina's morning ritual.
  • Enjoy a selection of local cheeses paired with tsipouro, the region's celebrated aperitif, for a savory experience that blends tradition with taste.
  • Dive into Greece's street food scene with gyros, featuring thinly cut grilled meat and tzatziki sauce wrapped in a pita, showcasing Ioannina's take on this popular dish.
  • Continue the culinary journey with lamb souvlaki, marinated cubes of meat cooked over charcoal, a testament to the city's rich street food culture.
  • Spanakopita combining local ingredients and recipes in a new form.
  • Conclude with siropiasta, a delightful dessert made of pastry, nuts, and syrup, encapsulating Ioannina's sweet culinary heritage.
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Ioannina has always been the centre of a pretty much remote, until recently, region of Greece and, as such, it had to cater for a variety of customers, from the mountain villagers who came to the city once a week for supplies, to merchants and to the officials of the area. Their culinary needs varied enormously, that is why a rich and varied food culture exists for everyone, from local street food to haute cuisine.

We start at the Clock Tower, where we taste a local favourite, bougatsa (a pastry, sweet or savoury), particularly popular as a pick-me-up in the morning.Then we’ll be having our first bite of Ioannina history with a fine view of the southeast of Ioannina.After that break we will be enjoying a platter of local cheeses. We will accompany the cheese with the local aperitif, tsipouro. Next door we’ll be tasting the Greek street food par excellence : gyros (grilled meat cut thin with tzatziki sauce, on a pita). We continue for some local street food : lamb souvlaki (kebab, i.e. wooden skewers threaded with cubes of meat that are marinated and then cooked over charcoal).Then we’ll taste food combining local ingredients and recipes in a new form.At the end we’ll savour the local dessert : siropiasta (sweets made with thin leaves of pastry nuts over which a syrup, lemon and water is drizzled, after baking)

Source: Alpine Zone

What's Included


  • 6 Tasting stops
  • Personal group guide / Fluently English speaker
Source: Alpine Zone

Additional Information

  • An exprience everyone can join!
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Private group
  • Meeting point: Central Clock of Ioannina city, Ioannina center

What to Bring
  • comfortable clothes and shoes according to the sason and the weather conditions
  • suncream
Source: Alpine Zone


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