Terms of Use


1.1. The present terms of use (General Terms of Use) constitute the rules and conditions for the use of the website "https://www.discovergreece.com" (hereinafter the "Website"). The General Terms of Use concern and govern all aspects of the use of https://www.discovergreece.com.

1.2. Marketing Greece SA, which is the administrator of the Website (hereinafter the "Administrator") may at any time amend the present General Terms of Use or set special or additional terms of use for a specific section or function of the Website, for which the user shall be informed prior to the entry to said section or prior to the use of said function.

1.3. The General Terms of Use and any special or supplementary additional terms of use comprise a legally binding agreement between the Administrator and the user/visitor of said Website.


2.1. The visitor or user of the Website must read carefully the General Terms of Use before visiting or using the pages and in case of disagreement must not use said pages. The General Terms of Use apply to the entire content of the Website.

2.2. Users accessing the Website or separate categories thereof unconditionally accept said terms of use.


3.1. While accessing the Website users are obliged to comply with the general terms of use and applicable law, as well as with any regulations and/or codes and/or practices and procedures which have been instituted and/or applied by the Administrator.

3.2. The user is prohibited from using the Website to injure third parties in any manner, as well as their rights, including but not limited to the protection of their industrial and intellectual property rights and personal data. The user is prohibited to destroy, deactivate, overload or cause damage to the Website, to use unauthorized means aiming at altering the content of the Website, or to intervene in its function in any manner. In case where the user is provided the ability to access third party web sites via the Website, it is unconditionally established that the Administrator shall bear no liability whatsoever to the content and in general anything associated with these sites.

3.3. In any case, the user acknowledges and accepts that it is solely responsible for any such loss or damage suffered by the Website and third parties, regardless of the specific cause, the form and the name, as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of any breach of the present terms.


4.1. Marketing Greece SA takes all reasonable measures to ensure Personal Data Protection subject to Greek legislation, binding provisions or contracts, which defend the principle of fair handling and sufficient protection of Personal Data.

4.2. Marketing Greece SA warrants that Personal Data contained in www.discovergreece.com shall not be used inappropriately, shall not be sold or conceded to third parties in any way.

4.3. The users unconditionally accept and grant permission so that the Administrator and its authorized partners have the right to collect, to process in any manner and to keep a file with personal data of users, even sensitive data, within the scope of operation of the specific Website. Further specialization in relation to the Personal Data of the users is made in the Privacy Policy of the Website.

4.4. The users of the Website reserve the right to delete their personal data, to correct and/or update their personal data and/or to deactivate their registration and/or object to the further processing of their data, at any time, through the relevant service of www.discovergreece.com.


5.1. In case where it is requested by the user, you are obliged to declare your real personal and other information and data to the Website.

5.2. The Website takes all necessary measures for the safety of communications, in accordance with applicable legislation.


6.1. The products or services mentioned in the pages of this Website and bearing the marks of the respective organizations, companies, partner entities, associations or publications are their intellectual and industrial property. In addition to the express exemptions (intellectual property rights of third parties, partners and agencies, and the intellectual property rights of the software belonging to the company that has developed the website) the entire content of the website, including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts and all the files of this Website in general are the intellectual property, registered trademarks and service and product trademarks of the Administrator and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek Law, European Law and international conventions on the protection of industrial and intellectual property.

6.2. Consequently, all the above are provided to the user for personal, non-commercial use only, under the condition  that all notes concerning copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights and included in the original material shall be kept in all copies of such material, and it shall be prohibited to amend the website material in any way or to reproduce or publicly expose such material, or to execute, download, distribute or use such material in any way, for commercial or other purposes. Not permitted is the modification, rental, lease, loan, sale, distribution or creation of derivative works based on the above content, in whole or in part, unless it is specifically authorized in writing by the Administrator with a separate agreement.

6.3. Cases where a single copy of part of the content is saved on a PC (personal computer) for personal but not public or commercial use, without deleting the mark of origin from this website and without infringing the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights in any way, shall be excluded.

6.4. The user expressly and unconditionally accepts sole liability for any intervention to the content and consequences of said intervention, including any loss or damage of any kind sustained by the Administrator, while in any other case the Administrator shall bear no liability whatsoever to the user or any third party.

6.5. Moreover, it is mutually accepted and understood that although the Website provides to the users the necessary technological infrastructure and resources to post/publish content, all information and content, whether posted publicly or transmitted privately, shall remain the sole responsibility of the natural person or legal entity from whom the content originates. This means that the user is solely liable for any and all content posted, published, sent, transmitted or otherwise made available through the Website services. The Administrator cannot, due to its volume, as well as the participation of third agencies (natural persons or legal entities), control all content posted by the users to the Website services, and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity, legality or quality of such content.


7.1. The Administrator is not liable toward the user or other third parties deriving rights from the user for any damage, whether to property or not, direct or consequential or indirect, or any other form, regardless of the specific name, form and cause thereof, for any legal or civil or penal claims, or for any damage caused by visitors to the Website or third parties, due to causes relating to the operation or non-operation and/or the use of the Website and/or any unauthorized interventions by third parties to information provided via the Website.

7.2. The Administrator and its partners shall make every possible effort to ensure the sound operation of www.discovergreece.com, without being able to guarantee that the functions of the Website or its servers shall be unfailing or free of any faults, viruses or similar elements.

7.3. The limitation or exclusion of the Administrator's liability in accordance with the terms hereof does not limit or exclude the Administrator's liability for damages of any kind, which cannot lawfully be limited or excluded under the rules of applicable law.


8.1. Some of the individual pages of the Website or the services, which it provides or may provide in the future may be supported by advertising resources and/or sponsorships and may present advertisements and promotions.

8.2. The manner, method and extent of the advertisements and sponsorships of the Website by the Administrator relevant to its content is subject to any changes at any time without prior notification.

8.3. The user expressly and unconditionally accepts that the Administrator shall be able to place and/or show advertisements in the scope of this Website.

8.4. Nothing provided in the form of an advertisement for the users/visitors via the Website shall in any case, directly or indirectly, constitute encouragement, advice or prompting to perform any action but is subject to the discretion of the users/visitors to assess, anything provided to them and to act on the basis of their own will, excluding any liability on our part.


9.1. The Website contains referrals through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners to third party websites, whose availability, content, personal data protection policy, quality and integrity of services is not subject to the Administrator's control. The Administrator in no case shall bear any liability whatsoever for the availability, personal data protection policy, the quality or accuracy of the pages and functions of any third party website, which are available to the user /visitor via links, hyperlinks or banners. Consequently, in case of any problem which may arise during the visit or use of such pages/functions, the visitor/user must immediately contact the persons responsible for the function of these specific websites. Specifically concerning the references to the webpages https://www.hotelscombined.gr and https://gr.skyscanner.com/, which provide services for sourcing hotels, flights, and rental vehicles, the Administrator shall bear no liability whatsoever relevant to the terms and conditions of reservations and transactions governing the above webpages, or for any omissions or inaccuracies in their content.

9.2. Under no circumstances shall the Administrator be deemed to endorse or accept the content or functions of the websites or pages to which visitors/users are referred or to which this portal is linked in any way.

9.3. The user accepts expressly and unconditionally that the Administrator shall not be liable for any loss or damage, regardless of the specific cause, the name and form, which he may have sustained as a result of the availability of the above third party websites or resources, or resulting from any trust exhibited in the integrity, accuracy or existence of any  advertising, product or other material contained or available on the above websites or resources.


10.1. The General Terms of Use constitute the entire legal agreement between the user and the Administrator and shall govern the use of this Website by the user.

10.2. The user accepts expressly and unconditionally that the Administrator my provide notices, including those concerning modifications to the Terms of Use, via e-mail, regular post, or announcements. 10.3. Any delay in the exercise or failure to exercise any right on behalf of the Administrator, either once or repeatedly, in no case shall be deemed as waiver of such right, which may be exercised at any time.

10.3. In the event of invalidity of any provision of these Terms of Use, the user accepts unconditionally that said term will be replaced with another term of equivalent effect by the Administrator,  interpreting thus the true will of the parties. In any case the remaining Terms of Use hereof shall not be affected by the invalidity of any term hereof and shall remain valid and in force.


In case of the breach by the user of any term hereof, in addition to any other consequences provided herein or in any other source of law, the Administrator has the right at its sole discretion, to discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the ability to access its website.


These Terms of Use shall be governed exclusively by Hellenic Law. The courts of Athens shall have sole jurisdiction for the resolution of any dispute which may arise relevant to these Terms of Use.


Marketing Greece is very conscious of privacy protection issues. We approach the respect for your privacy based on the following five principles:

  1. We respect the trust you place in us by trusting us with your personal data. We shall at all times use your personal data in a fair manner worthy of your trust.
  2. You shall have the right to clear information about how we use your personal data and be given every opportunity to exercise your rights. We shall ensure that there is always transparency with regard to the information (data) we gather, how we use it and to whom we disclose it.
  3. We shall take all reasonable steps to protect your data against unauthorized use and keep it safe.
  4. We shall comply with all provisions under applicable legislation on data protection and cooperate with Data Protection authorities.
  5. Should you be concerned about the way we use your personal data, it shall be clear at all times who you should contact and we shall cooperate with you to immediately address your concerns.


MG is committed to protecting your privacy and to safeguard your personal data. This Privacy Policy explains the types of information (data) we gather, as well as how we use and protect it.

What this Privacy Policy covers

This Privacy Policy is applicable to all information we gather via websites, branded web pages or third-party platforms (such as Facebook or YouTube), as well as from applications accessed and used via such so websites or third-party platforms and managed by Marketing Greece or others on behalf of the Company (hereinafter "Marketing Greece Websites”).

Marketing Greece, which is responsible for the administration of the website www.discovergreece.com you are visiting, shall be liable for the protection of your personal data. By using a Marketing Greece Website you consent to the use by Marketing Greece of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Should you disagree with such use of your personal data please do not use the Marketing Greece Websites.

What this Privacy Policy does not cover

This Privacy Policy does not cover:

  • information gathered by websites, platforms and/or applications (hereinafter "Third-Party Websites") not controlled by us;
  • information gathered by third-party websites you visit by following links found on the Marketing Greece Websites; or
  • Internet banners, contests and other advertising or promotional activities at third-party websites where we may participate or which we may sponsor.

The above third-party websites implement their specific privacy policies and apply their specific terms and conditions. We urge you to read them before using Third-Party Websites.

Are you under the age of 18?

Most Marketing Greece Websites have been designed and are intended for use by persons aged at least 18. Where a Marketing Greece Website is intended for use by younger individuals, before gathering personal data, the consent of a parent or guardian shall be first sought, where such consent is required under applicable provisions of laws and regulations on data protection (the age until which such consent is required varies from country to country). Where we realize that we have collected information from any individual without the above consent having first been granted, we shall delete such information as soon as is practicable. If you are under the age of 18, but at an age where parental consent is no longer required under the laws of your country, you must read the terms included in this Privacy Policy together with your parent or guardian to ensure that you both understand them.

Access to certain sections of the Marketing Greece Websites and the possibility of receiving gifts, samples and other prizes may be limited only to users aged 18 and above. We may use your personal data to verify your age and implement age rules.

Information we collect

In this Privacy Policy the term "personal data" shall mean information or individual data that allow your identification, as well as audiovisual material containing information about you. This term shall include data such as your full name, address, user name, profile picture, email address and phone number, but it may also include data such as your IP address, preferences and information pertaining to your lifestyle or your preferences regarding your hobbies and interests. We may gather your personal data from various sources, including:

  • Information you provide to us directly. We may collect information directly from you on the following occasions: when you provide us with your personal data, i.e. when you sign up for participating in prize draws or contests, when you subscribe to our news service or consent to the service of e-newsletters or other publications, when you take part in a poll or survey, when you make a comment or submit a query or when you choose to post audiovisual material. The types of information we may collect from you directly include the following information:
    • full name
    • address
    • email address
    • user name
    • telephone number
    • age
    • date of birth
    • sex
  • user-generated content, posts and other content that you submit to the Marketing Greece Websites.


In the case of  user-generated content the Company shall not be obliged to assess the legality of material posted on the web page; thus, it shall be free of any liability whatsoever. In particular, the Company shall be free of any liability vis-a-vis web page visitors, as well as vis-à-vis any third parties that may be considered to be affected, for any unlawful action or inaction, inaccuracy or failure to comply with the laws and regulations of any country in relation to the content of the pots, including but not being limited to the law on the protection of industrial and intellectual property and personal data. Users shall expressly and unreservedly state and accept that they shall not be entitled to any fees, compensation or other benefits for such posting, etc., as well as for any use by the Company of the material for advertising purposes.

  • Information that we automatically collect when you use the Marketing Greece Websites. We use cookies and other tools such as web analytic tools and pixel tags to automatically gather information about when you use the Marketing Greece Websites. The types of information we may automatically collect include:
    • information about the browser you use;
    • information about the web pages you have visited;
    • the IP address;
    • the links you chose;
    • user name, profile picture, sex, network and any other information you have selected to be disclosed every time you use Third-Party Websites (such as when you “Like” something on Facebook or use “+1” in Google+);
    • the web pages you visited before going to a Marketing Greece Website.
  • Information we collect from other sources. We may collect personal data of yours from other sources; such sources may include commercially available sources, such as public databases and data aggregators, as well as from third parties to whom you have given permission to disclose your information. The types of information we may collect from these sources include:
    • full name
    • address
    • age
    • location, preferences and information about your lifestyle, such as hobbies and interests;
    • publicly available information, for instance user-generated content, blogs and posts.

How we use your personal data

We use your personal data:

  • to evaluate the use of the Marketing Greece Websites and Services;
  • to improve your experience on the Marketing Greece Websites;
  • to assess the efficiency of our advertisements, contests and promotional activity;
  • to tailor the experience of using our websites to your personal preferences, as well as to assess (anonymous and aggregate) statistics on user activity on our websites, such as the time of your visit, whether you have visited the same website before and what website contained the link to our website;
  • to make using the Marketing Greece Websites easier and to better customize the Marketing Greece Websites to match your interests and suit your needs;
  • to ensure that your future activities on and your experience of the Marketing Websites are faster. For example, a website is able to know whether you have already provided your personal data and therefore to not ask for them again;
  • to collect information about the device you use to display the contents of the Marketing Greece Websites, as well as about the IP address or the Internet browser or operating system you use and link such information to your personal data to ensure that the Marketing Greece Websites offer the best online experience;
  • to recommend services (including third-party products and services) we believe may be of interest to you;
  • to allow you to participate in contests and promotional activities;
  • to offer you the products and services you are asking for;  
  • for the purpose of contests or promotional activities in which you have chosen to take part;
  • to send you information you have requested;
  • to respond to your questions or comments.

Direct marketing

You shall receive direct marketing material from us only if you have expressly consented to such material being sent by us or if you have asked us in the past for a product or service and such direct marketing material is relevant or related to such product or service. You may choose to receive direct marketing material from us at any time. Any communication and direct marketing material you receive from us shall include the information and means necessary for you to opt out of receiving such material in the future, as outlined below.

Who we disclose your personal data to

Data recipients:

(A) Information that the Company must or is entitled to disclose under contract, law, court judgment and regulatory decision: public and independent administrative authorities, court authorities and public servants; and

(B) Information necessary to attain every specific processing objective: the Company’s Management and the divisions involved each time.

Opt-Out Option

Visitors to our sites can decide if they want to receive targeted marketing material from us or targeted marketing information sponsored by our marketing partners. Should visitors accept promotional email or newsletter from us, any email they receive will include instructions on how to be removed from our marketing and/or newsletter email list.

If you do not wish to receive future commercial communications from us by e-mail, you may change your preferences at any time simply by: (i) writing to us (and please include your e-mail address), or (ii) by following the unsubscribe instructions contained within the e-mail you receive from us. We will update your preferences as soon as is reasonably practicable. If you have registered on any part of our sites, please use the mechanism on our sites that allows you to change or update your profile, preferences or information, if available, to keep all such data accurate and up-to-date. 

Where we keep and use your personal data

In principle, the host servers for the Marketing Greece Websites in the European Economic Area are located in Germany. Upon the launch of the https://www.discovergreece.com web page data shall be migrated from the existing server installed in Germany to a different server that shall also be installed on European Union territory. Your personal data shall be hosted in one of these areas, transferred and processed in such area in line with the applicable provisions of laws and regulations on data protection. In the event that your personal data are transferred to another area, by consenting to this Privacy Policy you also grant your consent to such transfer (provided that such transfer shall always comply with the applicable provisions of the laws and regulations on data protection).

Your personal data shall be protected, as a minimum, in line with EU law, regardless of the country where they are hosted. It is noted that on national law level, in several countries the level of personal data protection provided varies from the one you may enjoy in your country. However, we promise to require of any party processing your personal data to take steps to protect them, and that such party shall be entitled to process such data only subject to the instructions provided by Marketing Greece.

Safekeeping your personal data

We implement all necessary precautions to keep your personal data secure and require of any third parties handling or processing your personal data on our behalf to do the same. There is restricted access to your personal data to prevent unauthorized access, modification or misuse; access is only allowed to our employees and representatives on a need- to-know basis.

Your rights and who to contact

Should you have any queries, comments or concerns about how we handle your personal data, please contact us by clicking on Contact Us on the Marketing Greece Website that led you to this Privacy Policy. Your request shall be forwarded to the appropriate department. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at admin@marketinggreece.com or send us a letter at: Marketing Greece, 20 Voukourestiou street, GR 106 71, Athens, Greece.

You have the right to let us know if:

  • you do not wish to receive any communication from us in the future;
  • you would like a copy of the personal data we keep of you;
  • you would like us to correct, update or delete your personal data from our records;
  • you wish to report any misuse of your personal data.

To help us respond to your request, please provide us with your full name and personal information.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may introduce changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time by posting the updated version of this Privacy Policy on the Marketing Greece Websites. We shall communicate to you in a reasonable manner all material changes. We recommend that you visit this web page often to be always up to date on how we use your personal data.

Last Update: January 2014

This Cookies Policy is applicable to all websites, branded web pages or third-party platforms (such as Facebook or YouTube), as well as to applications accessed and used via such so websites or third-party platforms and managed by Marketing Greece or others on behalf of the Company (hereinafter "Marketing Greece Websites”).

By using a Marketing Greece Website you consent to the use of cookies under this Cookies Policy. If you do not agree with how we use cookies, you should set your browser accordingly or not use the Marketing Greece Websites. Should you disable the cookies we use, your experience from visiting the Marketing Greece Websites may be affected.

The table that follows provides a brief description of all the different types of cookies we use at the Marketing Greece Websites, along with their respective purpose and duration (i.e. how long cookies stay on your device).

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that may be stored on your computer (or such other devices that feature Web browsing, as smartphones or tablets) when visiting a Marketing Greece  Website. A cookie usually includes the name of the website it originates from, its "lifetime" (that is how long it will stay on your device), and a value, which is usually a unique, randomly generated number.

Why we use cookies

We use cookies to make using the Marketing Greece Websites easier and to tailor the Marketing Greece Websites and products to better suit you interests and needs. Cookies may also be used to help us make your future activities at and experience with the Marketing Greece Websites faster. We also use cookies to gather anonymous, cumulative statistics that enable us to find out how the public uses our Websites and help us improve their structure and content. We have no way of verifying your identity through that information.

What types of cookies we use

Two types of cookies may be used on the Marketing Greece Websites: “session cookies (temporary) cookies” and “persistent (permanent) cookies”. Session cookies are temporary cookies that stay on your device until you leave the Marketing Greece Website. A persistent cookie stays on your device much longer or until you delete it on your own initiative (the period of time any given cookie will stay on your device depends on its "lifetime" and on the specific settings of your browser.

Some of the websites you visit can gather information using pixel tags (also known as clear gifs). These may be disclosed to third parties that directly support our promotional activities and the development of our websites. For instance, website usage information collected about visitors to the Marketing Greece Websites may be shared with a third-party advertising agency to better target Internet advertising banners on our websites. However, such information does not allow verifying your personal identity, although it could be combined with your personal data.

Cookies used on the Marketing Greece Websites

Cookie Type

What they do

Do these cookies gather my personal data/recognize me?


These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Marketing Greece Websites, and enable you to browse our websites and use the features they offer. For instance they remember similar actions you have taken in the past (e.g. text you entered) when you return to the same page during the same session.

They cannot recognize your personal identity.

If you do not accept these cookies, this could affect the performance of the website or its parts.


These cookies enable us to understand how visitors interact with the website by giving us information about the sections visited, the time spent on the website and any problems that may have come up, such as error messages. This helps us improve the performance of our websites.

They cannot recognize your personal identity. All data are gathered and collected anonymously.


These are cookies that enable websites to remember the choices you make (such as user name, language or location) aimed at offering you a more personalized Internet experience that suits your personal preferences. They also allow visitors to watch videos, play games or use social media tools such as blogs, chatrooms and forums.

The information collected by these cookies could include information you have given that allows verifying user identity, such as user name and profile picture. We will always ensure transparency about what information (data) we collect, what we do with that information and to whom we disclose it.

In the event that you do not accept these cookies, this may affect the performance and operation of the website and restrict your access to its content.


These cookies are used to send material that is best suited to your preferences and interests. They may be used for targeted advertising purposes or to limit the number of times you see an advertisement. They also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Marketing Greece Website, as well as other websites.

We could use such cookies to remember the websites you have visited and we may communicate that information to others, including our advertisers and representatives.

The majority of these cookies enable IP-address based consumer identification and as a result may gather information that allow identifying you.

Do we use third party cookies?

We are affiliated with some vendors who also place cookies on your device for us when you visit the Marketing Greece Websites for the purpose of providing us with their services.

When you visit the Marketing Greece Websites third-party website or domain cookies may be received on your device. We make every effort to locate these cookies before they are used for you to be able to decide whether you want or not to accept them. You can find more information about these cookies at the website of each third party.

How can I control or delete cookies?

The initial setting of most Internet browsers allows them to automatically receive cookies. You can change the settings to prevent cookies from being received on, or to be alerted when cookies are being sent to your device. Various ways are available for managing cookies. Please refer to the your browser’s documentation or help screen to find out more about customizing or changing the settings of your browser.

In the event that you disable the cookies that we use, this could affect your experience when you visit the Marketing Greece Websites; for instance, you may be unable to visit certain sections of a Marketing Greece Website or to receive information customized to suit your individual preferences when you visit a Marketing Greece Website.

If you use several devices to visit and log into the Marketing Greece Websites (e.g. your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) you must be certain that the browser on each device has been set to reflect your cookie preferences. Click here for more information.)

More detailed information

Session / temporary cookies - These are cookies that get deleted from your device when you leave the website.

Permanent / persistent cookies - These are cookies that do not get deleted from your device when you leave the website. They stay on your device for longer periods.


Cookie Used:

What it does

Period of time it remains on your device

Detailed information on cookies

Analytics / Tracking

It provides anonymous/cummulative information about what you visit and do at the Marketing Greece Websites and other websites.

Permanent, temporary and third-party cookies

Marketing Greece uses the following Cookies of Analytics & Web Beacons (electronic images)

  1. Google Analytics: For more  information about Google Analytics click here
  2. Web Trends: For more information about Web Trends click here
  3. YouTube Tracking: For more  information about YouTube click here
  4. Wordpress Stats: For more  information about Wordpress Stats


Social Media / Sharing

It enables you to post comments / ratings / pages / bookmarks and helps provide easier access to social media and social Internet tools.

From third parties

Add This: For more  information about Add This click here


Facebook: For more   information about Facebook Connect click here   and for information about Facebook social plug-ins click here


Twitter: For more  information about Twitter click here


YouTube:For more information about YouTube