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Welcome to Magenta Luxury Suites & Rooms City Center Athens

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Athens - Zaloggou 4



Welcome to Magenta Luxury Suites & Rooms City Center Athens

Here at the Magenta Luxury Suites we offer you an experience you won't forget, enjoying a variety of luxurious accomondations, coprehensive guest facilities and service. We make life cosy, affortable and take care of everyday details. 




Hestia Ippokratous 35

Athens - Ippokratous 35
Our Ippokratous 35 building is located in the intersection of Exarcheia, Kolonaki and Akadimia neighbourhoods. Ippokratous is a major street in central Athen...

Canis Major

Athens - Mitropoleos 82
Canis Major is located in the historic district of Athens. With very easy access, Canis Major is located 150 meters from the Monastiraki Square and 50...

Hestia Romvis 9

Athens - Romvis 9
Our Romvis 9 building was renovated in 2020, is located in Athens City Center and is in the most vibrant spot of the city. Around Romvis you will find many b...

Neoma Hotel

Athens - Mouson 13
"Neoma" Pronunciation: nee·ow·muh Origin: Greek - female name Meaning: new moon; pleasantness; Enchanted by the secrets of the sky, we env...