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UPPER TRAVEL is a boutique travel agency and bespoke tour operator in Athens, with the discerning travelers in mind.

Discover Greece’s incredible heritage & fascinating present, with our carefully crafted Premium Private Tours, designed and delivered by experts with insider’s knowledge. Packed with authentic experiences, Upper’s Bespoke Private Tours, will take you beyond the ordinary; behind the scenes; allowing you to connect with the essence of the places you visit. You’ll see the icons, but also uncover hidden gems, without for a moment forgetting style, convenience and comfort.

Ours is a "One Team" company, committed to providing out of the ordinary premium services to the savvy globetrotters while ensuring 24/7 availability for them.

Our fleet consists of brand new and luxurious vehicles; sedans, minivans and minibuses. As our vehicles comply with the highest quality standards, so are our handpicked, fully licensed, English speaking drivers: Unflatteringly cordial and eager to help and unquestionably discreet.In addition, our team consists of a group of high-calibre state-licensed Tourist Guides in the fields of architecture, history, art, archaeology, education, philosophy, religion and more. Whatever your scope of interests, our private guided tours are available in many different languages and designed to educate, inspire and entertain, alike.

Our goal is to ensure that you get back home with some "pinch me now" travel stories to tell.


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Temple of Poseidon & Cape Sounio Private Excursion | The Upper Sunset Experience

<p><strong>ATHENS RIVIERA (Pass By):</strong> Some 20 minutes from the Acropolis the urban setting gives way to an endless summer vibe. Discover a shiny, sunny wonderland lined up with palm trees, upscale beach clubs, secluded coves, and a natural Spa lake. Listen to tales about the Athenian Riviera’s epic nightlife, its glitzy lifestyle and A-lister inhabitants. Take in the scenery, alternating between the bucolic and the resort-like. Gaze at the Aegean’s blue waters gleaming along the way and the nearby islands dotting the horizon.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>LAKE VOULIAGMENI</strong></p><p>The first stop is a 2.000-year-old brackish-water lake blending a stunning, peaceful scenery, with healing properties and a spot of mystery. Sitting beneath the remains of a limestone cavern, it is fed by underground springs coming from the depths of Mount Hymettus. They actually reach as far back that they’ve never been fully mapped. Perhaps that’s why rumors claim that people have disappeared in these underwater tunnels. Truth or fiction, the fact is that the lake’s unique blend of salt and mineral-rich freshwater affords a most therapeutic experience. For this reason, the lake, nowadays a Natura protected area, has been a renowned spa center since the 19th Century. Wash away those aches and pains, or enjoy a natural pedicure as the little doctor fish nibble on your toes. With a balmy 25 degrees Celsius temperature, the lake’s waters are ideal for swimming at any time of the year.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>THE TEMPLE OF POSEIDON, CAPE SOUNIO</strong></p><p>Revived and refreshed from your visit to Lake Vouliagmeni, you’ll head to Sounio: Antiquity’s Sacred Cape, where history is intertwined with myth.</p><p>Attica’s southernmost tip is also the site of the Temple of Poseidon. Dedicated to the God of the Sea it was erected on top of a 60-meter steep cliff, around the same time as the Parthenon (440 BC). A feat of architecture, the temple’s white marble Doric columns still stand greeting sailors exiting and entering Athens. Bask in the one of a kind Attica light, feel the energy, get a sense of history. Don’t forget to search for Lord Byron’s 19th- century graffiti in one of the pillars. A sight indelibly stamped in one’s memory, the Temple of Poseidon has always attracted the interest of travelers. Even before the onset of the onsite excavations. Opt to visit in the morning to beat the crowds or go in the afternoon to enjoy a (considerable) extra bonus: This is where you’ll witness one of the most spectacular <strong>Sunsets in Greece</strong>; so get your cameras ready! <strong>This is the Upper Sunset Experience! </strong>Round off your experience with a seafood feast in a local taverna which is the well-kept secret among connoisseurs.</p>

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