Athens Ticket Pass: Acropolis & 6 Sites with Audio Tours


  • Enjoy a hassle-free visit to the Acropolis Hill, the Olympieion, the Ancient Agora, and the Athenian Necropolis of Kerameikos with 4 e-tickets.
  • Enjoy a self-guided audio city tour of Athens.
  • Download the app and 5 audio tours, prior to your visit.
  • Admire the Propylaea, the Parthenon, and the statues that decorated the most notable temples of the Acropolis, among many other fascinating attractions and artifacts
  • Gain important insights into the myths, the anecdotal stories, and the political life of the Ancient Athenians.
  • Enjoy magnificent views of the city from the best vantage points.
  • Explore the best quarters of Athens.

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Experience Ancient Athens at your own pace with 4 tickets for the top archaeological attractions of Athens, the Acropolis Hill, the Olympieion, the Ancient Agora, the National and the Athenian Necropolis of Kerameikos with 4 captivating self-guided audio tours on your smartphone.

Receive your e-tickets by email, download the app and the audio tours on your phone, prior to your visit, and travel back in time to experience the grandeur of the Athenian Golden Age. Do not miss discovering contemporary Athens with an audio walking tour of the top attractions of the city.

Put on your headphones and discover the most well-known archaeological attractions of Athens through the power of storytelling and learn historical information uncommon stories and anecdotes from ancient times. This is your chance to explore Athens with 4 self-guided audio tours on your phone and lose yourself in the beauty of their stories. Tours’ content is the result of in-depth research, squeezed into brief original stories that will make your visit both engaging and informative. The audio tours can be used repeatedly and anytime, before or after your visit.

This is an unmissable opportunity to gain valuable insights into ancient and contemporary Athens, the birthplace of democracy, and relate to your surroundings in an entirely original way.

Source: Clio Muse Tours



  • Propylaea (7 minutes): Celebrated as the most impressive structure of classical Athens, the Propylaea, the majestic entranceway to the hill, invites you to take a leap into the Golden Age of Athens and walk in the shoes of legendary personalities, such as Socrates and Pericles, whose stories still excite our imagination.     
  • Parthenon (17 minutes): The Parthenon is the perfect embodiment of the aesthetics and ideals of classical Athens. Listen to the stories about the great minds who envisioned and constructed the temple and learn about the optical illusions that brilliantly fiddle with the viewer’s perception. 


  • Temple of Zeus (8 minutes): Set on a riotous journey back in time to learn about the turbulent 700-year history of the construction of the temple and its fate throughout the centuries. This is also a perfect chance to freshen up your Greek Mythology and listen to the story of the Great Deluge, the divine wrath that fell upon humankind on a day when Zeus felt kind of stormy!
  • Temple of Apollo Delphinios (8 minutes): Observing the ruins of the temple of Apollo Delphinios, learn how the god Apollo earned his nickname and became associated with dolphins in Greek mythology. The site is also home to many brutal stories, including a gory bloodbath upon which the city was founded by Theseus, one of the city’s legendary kings.   
  • Roman Bathhouse ( 7 minutes): In close proximity to Olympieion, you will end your virtual tour in front of the balaneion to discover the relics of an ancient bathhouse. You will learn about the rejuvenating benefits of public baths and how the Greeks and the Romans ritualized the act of bathing, turning it into an integral part of their everyday life.  

Ancient Agora:

  • Panathenaic Way (8 minutes): The tour actually begins at the Panathenaic Way, the most notable and famous Athenian road of ancient times, used for leisure, travel, and religious ceremonies. It owes its name to the procession held during the Great Panathenaia festival celebrated every year in order to commemorate the birth of Goddess Athena and the battle between her and God Poseidon.
  • Temple of Hephaestus (12 minutes): The Temple of Hephaestus or Hephaisteion is the best preserved of all Greek Doric temples. Even though the temple is dedicated to the cult of Hephaestus, the deeds of Theseus, the legendary king of Athens, that ornate the building gave rise to the name of the temple “Thiseion” that gave in its turn the appellation to an entire neighborhood which today is very popular and full of restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  • Stoa of Attalos (40 minutes): The so-called Stoa of Attalos is the most impressive Hellenistic building that never ceased its function and houses today the Museum of the Ancient Agora. During 1952-56 the American School of Classical Studies restored the Stoa that finally housed the antiquities found in the Ancient Agora. The exhibition is organized by chronological units, from the Neolithic to Roman and Byzantine periods, giving you the chance to make a journey through time and imagine the Ancient Agora from its very beginning. 


  • The Sacred Gate: (6 mins): Water is the source of life and Athenians should think and do all the necessary to have water. The Sacred Gate, one of the two gates constructed in Kerameikos, was the perfect solution. Listen to our stories and you will find out how it got its name and, of course, why it was the best solution against the drought. 
  • Tomb of Lacedaemonians (7 mins): Believe it or not, Lacedaemonians, forever enemies of Athens, have their own tomb in the Athenian necropolis which in fact is one of the best-preserved monuments in the area of the public cemetery. The tomb is the reminiscence of a dark period in the history of Athens. For eight months thirty tyrants ruled the city, terrorizing the citizens. When an Athenian stood against them, Spartan troops came to support the tyranny. Why did Athenians choose to erect a tomb for their enemies? The answer lies in our stories.
  • Grave Stele of Dexileos (6 mins): Even though Dexileos was only 20 years old when he died, he became eternal thanks to his funeral monument. He died defending his city during the Corinthian War. He is gone but he was never forgotten. Listen to our stories and find out all the details about the young brave man and the meaning of the scene presented on the grave stele.

Athens City Tour

  • Syntagma Square (10 mins): The most popular and crowded square in Greece and one of the landmarks of Athens is Syntagma Square. Designed and constructed in the late 1840s, the Syntagma (translated into English constitution) square is a synonym for the contemporary history of Greece. How does the square relate its history with the one of Athens and of the citizens’ rights? The answer lies in our tour.  
  • Athens Central Market (Varvakeios) (20 mins): The perfect location for foodies and for those who want to be surrounded by flavors, aromas, and traditional delicacies. Athens Central Market or Varvakeios as it is commonly known is one of the places where you can feel the vibes of the city and until today remains the largest metal construction in Athens. Owing its name to Ioannis Varvakis, who was the first entrepreneur to export caviar from Russia to Europe in waterproof timber boxes, Varvakeios has a long and interesting history. 
  • Sanctuary of Pan (10 mins): Athens is a city forged by myths and legends. The Sanctuary of Pan, hidden in Apostolou Pavlou Street, narrates the myth of a god who took the initiative and asked people to worship him because he wanted to be of service to them. This humble opening in the rock was dedicated to the cult of Pan, a deity from Arcadia in the Peloponnese who provided protection for shepherds and ensured the fertility of animals. His sanctuaries are usually scattered in the wilderness far from urban areas. It is a unique opportunity to discover its Athenian sanctuary and listen to the stories about the merciful god and the importance of its cult. 
  • The Tower of the Winds (25 mins): Do you want to see what the world’s first meteorological station looked like? The Tower of the Winds will give you the answer because it is the first one. Designed by the Macedonian astronomer Andronicus of Cyrrhus around 50 BC, the tower is decorated with the representation of the eight principal winds. Find out more about its function and each wind, by listening to our stories.

Source: Clio Muse Tours

What's Included


  • Adult entry e-tickets 4 archaeological attractions (the Acropolis, the Olympieion, the Ancient Agora, and the Athenian Necropolis of Kerameikos)
  • A self-guided audio city tour
  • 4 self-guided audio tours for your smartphone (Android & iOS) in English
  • Offline content (text, audio narration, and maps)

Not Included:

  • Live Guide
  • Smartphone or headphones
  • Food and drinks
  • Transportation
  • Entrance tickets for any other monuments, sites, museums

Source: Clio Muse Tours

Additional Information

Know Before You Go:

  • The e-tickets will be sent by the local supplier in a separate email (check your spam folder)
  • Download the ticket(s) & audio tours while on Wi-Fi prior to your visit (no wi-fi/4G on-site)
  • The multi-site ticket allows one entrance to each site and is valid over 5 consecutive days 
  • An Android (version 5.0 and later) or iOS smartphone is required. The audio tour is not compatible with Windows Phones, iPhone 5/5C or older, iPod Touch 5th generation or older, iPad 4th generation or older, iPad Mini 1st generation
  • You will need storage space on your phone (350 MB)
  • Proceed to the entrance of each site with your e-tickets printed or downloaded to your phone
  • Please note that due to the uneven ground the tours are not wheelchair accessible

Free/reduced admission tickets do not have skip the line privileges and can only be acquired at the ticket booth on-site. 

  • EU citizens aged 0-25 are entitled to free admission, however, they must wait in line to show an ID card or passport
  • From April 1 to October 31, non-EU citizens between 6 - 25 yrs & senior EU citizens over 65 are entitled to a 50% reduction to the admission upon presentation of their passport.
  • Children up to the age of 5, from non-EU countries, are entitled to have free admission tickets upon presentation of their passport for verification of their age and country of origin. However, they'll not have skip-the-line privilege.
Source: Clio Muse Tours


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