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Explore the Unexplored with Uncharted Escapes

Explore uncharted lands and local cultures as you ride through nature, through the gleaming sea and imposing mountains on a 4x4 or speedboat led by local experts. Uncharted Escapes takes you further than you though possible, beyond limits, beyond local cultures and authentic traditions, beyond imagination...

Our mission is to promote the Greek culture, the history, the values, the traditions, and visit pure-untouched areas far away from mass tourism to everybody interested in. Discover Greece like never before from the sea up to the mountains and follow the local lifestyle. We aspire to introduce to you uncharted places away from urban centers, local produce, and the true culture of Greece.


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Explore More in Rhodes North Route

<p>Starting our day tour with pickups from Rhodes center, we are heading towards the east side of the island and we are going to navigate on a mixture of on and off-road routes in the peaks of the mountains with panoramic views, wild life and stunning nature. After some photo stops our adventure day continues by following a German Italian war route with historical points of interest through villages like Archipoli, Eleousa, Profit Ilias, and Embonas. During the ride our experienced driver-escorts in each off-road vehicle provides you with lots of local history and information, stories and insights, as we pass through small villages, monasteries, and chapels. The hidden off-road paths through the dense vegetation give us the opportunity to marvel up close the natural beauty and enjoy the heartfelt hospitality and local knowledge of our escorts. Get ready for a day to remember at unique places where only a four-wheel vehicle can approach. Continuing our day tour from east to west Rhodes we reach the small traditional village of Ancient Kameiro where our lunch stop takes place, with the best panoramic view of west Rhodes. Fully refreshed we continue our tour, following an easy asphalt route back to your hotels.</p><p>Our escort drivers with the help of the premium off -road vehicles of Uncharted Escapes will offer you the most exciting day in Rhodes, allowing you to take in the best panoramic views of Northern, East, and West Rhodes while enjoying the professional but relaxed service.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Oktober 2023

Powerboat Tour to Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa Island Full Day

<p>Leaving Chania harbour we are enjoying the ride, heading to amazing beaches with crystal clear waters. After about an hour we reach Balos Lagoon - before the big ferries arrive - so we can peacefully enjoy the lagoon. After Balos we continue to Gramvousa Island with the famous Venetian castle, on top of a steep, 137-metre-high rock. Then we move on to small secluded bays, ideal for quick dives, Menies Beach for another swim with relaxation and privacy, and at last Theodorou Island.</p>

Offer valid until: 30 November 2023

Kos Tour 1. Explore More in Kos

<p>Our day begins from Kos city center and tourist areas heading towards the chapel of Profitis Ilias and mount Dikaios through unpaved mountain routes. Our 7 seated premium off-road vehicles driven by experienced driver-escorts will help you explore the true essence of Kos on a semi-private premium safari tour.</p><p>Unpaved off-road routes, wild and dense vegetation, non-tourist places, unique panoramic views, photo stops and traditional local flavours are only some of the experiences you will gain during that incredible 5 - 6 hours premium safari tour.</p><p>After picking you up from your hotel we follow an off-road route to the inland of Mount Dikaios. Following off-road explorations in the Mount Dikaios of Kos, we enjoy the best panoramic view of the island from above and we learn about local cultures and histories. We discover hidden chapels in the forest and we enjoy the most scenic views of the Aegean Sea and the islands of Nisiros, Kalimnos, Pserimos and Bodrum. Continuing our road trip to the peaks of mount Dikaios full of amazing sights and historical treasures, we reach a traditional local tavern in Zia village where traditional mousaka and salad and will be served for lunch. After our lunch stop our day continues to the Aliki wetland where you can take some great pictures and during autumn or spring enjoy the flamingos. Our day comes to an end driving back to our hotels full of memories, exciting adventures, breathtaking panoramic views of Kos from above and insight information about the island.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Oktober 2023

Chania Tour 2. Explore the Secrets of Wine and Olives

<p>Our day trip safari to the depths of the Cretan culture begins after we pick you up from your hotel or accommodation and heading towards Terra Creta olive mill for an informative tour and olive oil tasting. Continuing our day tour we visit Karavitakis winery for a mouthwatering wine tasting experience accompanied by interesting information, for example the secrets of high longevity in Crete! Then we head to the village of Ano Vouves to marvel up close the ancient olive tree which is 3000 years old and learn about the history of olives.</p><p>Our adventure off-road route starts heading towards Sebronas village and as we cross a gorge with a picturesque creek nestled amongst lush vegetation and panoramic views. There, on our way through the gorge we will have plenty of opportunities to take photos of picturesque chapels, sheep, goats, bees, sprawling vineyards and gorgeous olive groves.</p><p>After working up an appetite we arrive at a small village tavern in Nea Roumata, where we will introduce you to the Cretan cuisine with plenty oflocal food and let you feel the very essence of the renowned Cretan hospitality. On the way back we will follow an easy asphalt route through orange and lemon trees before reaching back to Chania town.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Oktober 2023

Chania Tour 1. Explore the White Mountains of Crete

<p>Our amazing off-road adventure begins by crossing a valley full of orange and avocado trees, and many vegetables gardens. Climbing up the foothills of the White Mountains where we make our coffee stop at Deres to enjoy our morning break. Continuing we drive through the Cretan villages of Vatolakos, Alikianos, Fournes, Meskla, Zourva and Therisso getting a taste of the mountainous Crete in the foot of the White Mountains, following an off road route up to the shepherd’s hutcalled “Mitato” far away from tourist areas. We are travelling on uncharted routes where only a four wheel drive can approach and we enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of northern Crete and, if lucky ... to marvel some wild eagles and goats from up close giving us a good reason to stop and capture the moment. A small rocky road will lead us up to our trip’s highest point of 1350 meters altitude in the heart of the White Mountains of Crete, where you will find out all about the lifestyle of a shepherd. We will learn where the famous Cretan “Graviera” cheese was produced and explore an original Shepherd's hut called "Mitato".</p><p>On our way back we will enjoy the best panoramic view of Chania from above, until we arrive at Therisso village for a short walk in the historic village and a visit in a small Cretan family tavern for our lunch. After our lunch we will follow the road through the amazing gorge of Therisso that will lead us back to the city of Chania.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Oktober 2023

Chania Premium Sunset Safari Tour

<p>Our evening tour begins from Chania city centre and tourist areas, heading towards the White Mountains through uncharted mountain routes. Our premium off-road vehicles driven by well trained escorts will help you enjoy the best panoramic sunset view of Northwest Crete from above.</p><p>Unpaved off-road routes, with wild and dense vegetation, non tourist places, unique panoramic views, ideal for sunset capture stops, combined with a three winestasting accompanied by Cretan delicacies platter, are only some of the experiences that you will have in this 4-5 hour premium sunset safari tour.</p><p>After our off-road exploration through orange and lemon tree valleys in villages of Patelari, Varipetro, Alikianos and Vatolakkos, we reach an amazing point in the hill of Vatolakkos at 700m altitude where we will have the best panoramic view of the sunset and the possibility to admire the entire city below. After experiencing the sunset, we continue our road-trip to Cretan Villages, full of amazing sights and stories until we reach Manousakis Winery where we will taste their wine.</p><p>After the wine tasting, we begin to reach the end of our Sunset Safari tour, driving back to our hotels full of memories, premium service and experiences, adventures and best panoramic views of Chania from above.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Oktober 2023