Santorini & Thirasia: Semi Private Full-day Cruise & Tour

Santorini & Thirasia: Semi Private Full-day Cruise & Tour


We proudly present a catamaran tour in Santorini for the first time! A full day sailing package that has been created to make this the most authentic and fulfilling adventure you will ever experience during your stay. Explore Santorini’s highlights, visit 6 swimming and snorkeling spots, enjoy a gourmet Greek dish on secluded, private bays, discover the untouched beauty of Thirasia island with an all-inclusive walking tour. This trip will be the highlight of your stay. A one-of-a-kind catamaran cruise.

  • Hotel pick up and departure from marina
  • Sailing across caldera famous sights
  • 6 stops: White Beach, Indian Rock, Black Beach, Red Beach, Akrotiri Lighthouse & Hot Springs
  • Long stops and time to swim, snorkel and relax
  • Access a “secret” spot hideaway
  • A 2-hour stop at Thirasia island with guided walking tour
  • Return and drop off
Source: Brama Yachts Catamarans


Magnificent full-day cruise to include on your travel bucket list! 

The tour combines a luxury catamaran voyage in the caldera with six stops, plus an adventurous 2-hour walking tour on the island of Thirasia, Santorini’s neighboring sister island. The boat will make long stops on the famous White Beach, Indian Rock, Black Beach, Red Beach, Akrotiri Lighthouse, and Hot Springs, plus a “secret” spot, where you can relax on secluded beaches that can only be accessed by boat. The surrounding limestone cliffs were pushed to the surface by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. This cruise will give you the opportunity to relax, snorkel, swim, dine, and see one of the most amazing sunsets in the world. The captain will even let you take the helm and show you how to operate our beautiful catamaran. Just another item you can then check off your bucket list!

For the culinary experience, your private chef has prepared three freshly-made meals of authentic Santorini/Greek specialties just for you. The meals provide for yet another delicious interpretation of the unique Greek culture. We toast to a great day and enjoy conversation with new friends, share stories, and learn more about the history of the Cycladic Islands.

Experience Santorini as it was 50 years ago. Experience the untouched beauty of Thirasia and witness how they once lived before their villages turned into ghost towns after a 1955 evacuation due to a volcanic eruption. The now-abandoned traditional villages, colorful Wild West-style churches, and trails with views of the caldera will paint a picture of a time long since forgotten, yet its magic still carries on.

We take pride in our tours and we aim for quality over quantity, with a team of passionate people who aspire to make this experience one to be remembered. We strive to break away from any form of uninspired commercial sailing tours and marketing gimmicks and take pride in offering the highest standard of service while onboarding our catamaran vessels. Our 9-hour Odyssey is a little more expensive than your average commercial 9-hour sailing tour, but what you and your loved ones will gain is sharing a one-of-a-kind experience. Book now and jump on board!

Source: Brama Yachts Catamarans

What's Included


• Hotel Pick up/ drop off services

• 9 hours sailing on a luxury catamaran

• Greek gourmet family-style menu

• Beverages, drinks, local wines & water

• Snorkeling gear

• Wi-fi access

• English speaking crew

Not Included (Optional):

• Electric-powered mountain bike tour at an additional charge

Source: Brama Yachts Catamarans

Additional Information

Before you get on board

All guest must be prepared for cruise. Wearing shoes is not permitted in any sailing cruise. Enjoy the “bare feet” rule, remove your shoes and we are ready to go!

Put in your backpack: sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat a set of warm clothes and an extra pair of bathing suit. Scan a photo of your passport or ID card on your smartphone.


Our first priority is your safety & comfort. Depending on the weather conditions, the cruise's itinerary may be affected. Single stops or embarkation/debarkation port may change.

• Max guests 10

Source: Brama Yachts Catamarans

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