Hiking at the North side of Ikaria


  • Enjoy the wonderful scenery, the Greek sun, and the beauties of the island by walking on it
  • Train yourself during your vacations
  • Visit places that can not be reached by car or any other means.
  • Lose weight, get stronger, and feel the good vibes during the days you spend on the island
  • Send away all the stress you may feel
  • Take photos and share the experience
Source: Ikaria Activities


Ikaria is well known as a hiking destination, cause of the various levels of the ground. There are many paths on the island that you can go hiking.... on the mountain, on the coastal sides, or by the shore.

The scenery changes all the time depending on the season, even the time of the day that you may decide to go hiking, walking on more or less smooth paths with their level of difficulty varying.

You can consider hiking as a total physical exercise, which significantly affects your physical well-being (cardiovascular system, muscles, joints, tissues e.t.c.).

The only thing for sure is that ...you discover your limits every time you decide to take a visit to an old village, mines, watermills, churches, or even monasteries.

Information about the Tuesday’s route – Evdilos Village

Meeting point is in front of the kiosk that is placed at the center of the Evdilos square.

We will go around the village of Evdilos (which is also the second port of Ikaria) and you will have the chance to take amazing photos, cause of the panoramic scenery that we will visit.

This route has many chances to visit and see “ntousemes” the name of the old streets the Ikarians used to construct so they could get from one village to the other.

We will visit a folklore church, and with your own eyes, you will have the chance to see an encrypted pirate message...because in case you are not informed-you are on an island that people used to hide all the time from pirate raids.

Also, we will cross between an old village and farm buildings, so you can see how the Ikarians used to live centuries ago.

Information about Thursday’s route- Akamatra Village

The meeting point is at the square of Akamatra village in order...our mythical journey to start taking place.

This village could be considered the...head base of...the Ikarians fairies…

The route is..magnificent…

We will find on our way 4 old water mills, and also the “alama” which means spring water, that people used for daily use for themselves, and also to water their fields.

You will have the chance to see how people used to separate and reform the mountains to make it easier for them and plant them.

Cause of the variousness of the ground some paths are not recommended for people who have injuries, recent surgeries, and health problems.

It is wise to contact us to inform you about the program of the route and then book the activity.

Source: Ikaria Activities


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