Dragon Lake Trekking Guided Tour


  • Start from the mountain refuge of Astraka
  • Excellent views of the Papigo Towers and Mount Nemertsika
  • Descend to the lake Xerolimni
  • Reach the Dragon lake in 2.150 meters
  • Admire the wonderful view of the Aoos Gorge and Mount Smolikas from above
  • Meet the local wild goats in their natural habitat and the famous alpine newts, that live in the lake
Source: Alpine Zone


We start our ascent in the village of Mikro Papigo, following a well-marked path to the mountain refuge of Astraka. The Drakolimni at Smolikas, is situated at an altitude of 2.150 meters in Greece's second-biggest mountain. Throughout the climb, we have excellent views of the Papigo Towers and Mount Nemertsika (in Albania), among others.

Then we descend to the dry (in the summer months) lake Xerolimni, which was formed by glaciers millions of years ago. After that, a steep hike to the lake, rewarding us with the satisfaction of climbing it the population of Balkan goats (wild goats) wondering what we are doing in their habitat and the wonderful view of the Aoos Gorge and Mount Smolikas.

Also, during the springtime, it is very likely to meet alpine newts that live in the waters of the lake.

Source: Alpine Zone

What's Included


  • Personal guide fluent English speaker
  • Light lunch in nature (homemade pie, fruit and traditional dessert)
Source: Alpine Zone

Additional Information

What to bring:

  • comfortable clothes according to the season and climatic conditions
  • closed sports shoes suitable for hiking (trekking)
  • water bottle
  • suncream
  • towel
Source: Alpine Zone


About the provider

Alpine Zone

Alpine Zone is a Destination Management Company (DMC), that specialize in low-impact outdoor activities, with a unique local knowledge of the region of Epirus –...

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