A grand landscape of history, nature and beautiful beaches
The White Tower of Thessaloniki By Yorgos Triantafyllou
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From alluring Thessaloniki and enchanted forests to golden beaches and the glory of Mount Athos

Macedonia is a collection of diverse landscapes. As the surrounding nature changes from region to region, so do the people, culture and traditions. The city of Thessaloniki is surrounded by beautiful scenery. To the east lies Halkidiki, made up of heavenly beaches, unspoilt wilderness and the solitary world of Mount Athos. And elsewhere, the numerous destinations make up a mosaic of images, aromas and surprises: Serres, Drama, Kavala, Edessa, Kozani, Veria, Katerini and others. 

You’ll be inspired by the grand mansions and churches of Kastoria, discover a sense of serenity in the mountainous region of Vitsi, and feel time slowing right down at the Prespa lakes. In the evocative landscape of Grevena, nature rewards you with a feeling of wondrous tranquillity. Meanwhile, experience the remarkable culture of eastern Macedonia by embracing the customs and traditions of the locals. Here you’ll enjoy diverse activities all year round, from water sports to skiing, trekking and bird watching. Whether you come for an extended winter or summer holiday or a short weekend getaway with friends and family, Macedonia is one of those destinations you’ll never forget.

One coastline, a thousand and one beaches

Discover beaches where the mountains meet the sea. Trek to the peaks of Mount Olympus or bask in the sun and enjoy a swim in the Aegean at Platamonas, Leptokarya or Litochoro. Travel further north, where ‘Queen’ Halkidiki awaits you with 550km of golden coastline, crystal-clear waters and trees so close to the water they kiss the waves. Discover the green waters of Sithonia and escape to the beaches of Kavourotripes, Karidi, Sarti, and to the exotic island of Ammouliani. Discover your passion for windsurfing or just sit back and relax with a refreshing cocktail in one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece.

History and civilisation in the land of Alexander the Great

Discover the long and noble history of Thessaloniki. From the White Tower to the Yedi Kule and the Upper Town, you’ll be introduced to the lifeblood of a city through its sights and museums. And don’t forget the yearly International Film Festival. The whole history of northern Greece lies at your feet: Visit important archaeological sites throughout Macedonia, chief among them the Royal Tombs of Vergina, Halkidiki’s Ancient Stageira (the birthplace of Aristotle), the archaeological site of Dion in Pieria, Pella (the ancient capital of Macedonia) and ancient Aiani in Kozani, a treasure from the Bronze Age. 

Explore more than 15 arched stone bridges in Grevena, most notable among them Portitsa and Aziz Aga. In Kastoria, there are the magnificent stone-built houses of the villages of Pentalogos and Siatista, works of the famed Zoupaniotes builders. And, last but not least, there are the beautifully restored mansions of Nymfaio, with its nearby bear sanctuary.

Notable religious landmarks and world-renowned Mt Athos

Standing gracefully in the centre of Thessaloniki is the church of Agia Sofia, while throughout the city you’ll find important Byzantine and Muslim landmarks. And, of course, on the Halkidiki peninsula can be found the one and only Mt Athos, a beacon for Eastern Orthodoxy. Renowned for the architecture of its monasteries, and within a setting of natural beauty, you can experience the abstinence and purity of a monk’s life – if you’re a man, that is – and explore the monasteries' cultural treasures, among them libraries and museums.

In Ouranopolis, the last stop before the monasteries, you’ll find the impressive Prosforiou Tower and the Zygos Monastery – a particular treasure, because here archaeologists have been able to piece together the life of ancient monks in Mt Athos. Elsewhere, there’s the famous pilgrimage site of Panagia Soumela, founded by Pontiac refugees and location of the icon of the Virgin Mary, the work of Luke the Evangelist – said to have been transported to the Holy Church in Vermio by angels. Finally, travel to Kastoria where you’ll find 61 Byzantine churches and a prehistoric lakeside village in Dispilio.

Something for everyone

With beaches, lakes, rivers, canyons, dense forests and snowy mountains, Macedonia caters to everyone’s needs. Whether your passion is skiing, hiking or rafting you’ll find it here. Begin in Vasilitsa (Grevena) at the top of the Pindos mountain range where you’ll ski, snowboard or sled through the fir trees during your winter holidays. Another ski centre, Seli, was the first of its kind in Greece. Go to Kaimaktsalan (Pella) and visit the highest snow bar in Greece at an altitude of over 2,000m. And in 3-5 Pigadia, the ski season seems to grow longer each year. There is also a resort on Falakro (Volakas, St Athanasios, in Drama), the Lailias Ski Centre, Vigla Pisoderi and Elatohori, by the sea. 

For trekking, head to the Prespa lakes, in the region of Valia Kalda - Arkoudorema - Flega, and the waterfalls in the virgin forest of Fraktos, the Enippeas River at Litochoro. Walk or bike through the magical forest of Kotza Orman (Drama). 

End up at the top of mythical Mount Olympus. The highest peak is Mytikas, at an altitude of 2,918m. Observe rare birds such as flamingos in Prespa and Lake Kerkini. For rafting or kayaking, go to the Nestos and Aliakmonas. For canoeing, test your mettle in the lakes of Florina and Prespa. And for a spa experience, head to Pozar – hot springs in the middle of the lush, snowy landscape during the winter.

A taste of Macedonia

The influence of Asia Minor is evident in Macedonian cuisine. Look for delicious mezedes (appetisers) and other delicacies, such as tiganies (fried meat), hunkar begendi (lamb and aubergine), and giabrakia (cabbage leaves stuffed with pork). In Thessaloniki, try the famous patsas soup (made from tripe), indulge your sugary cravings with a bougatsa (delicious custard pastry), revani (cake soaked in syrup) and other sweets made with buffalo butter. Macedonian pies with handmade phyllo pastry are exceptional. Saffron is produced in Kozani, so be sure to take some home. Other popular local products include Florina peppers, potatoes from Kato Nevrokopi and the wild mushrooms of Drama and Grevena – a flavourful culinary journey! Macedonia is home to dozens of wineries. The most distinguished vineyards are in Epanomi (Halkidiki), Naoussa (famous for a red grape varietal called xinomavro), Amyntaio and Drama.

Macedonia: Standout experiences, destinations and attractions

  • Thessaloniki: Delicious food, vibrant bars and excellent shopping attract visitors from all over. Take an enchanting stroll from the port to the White Tower. Continue to Aristotelous Square and visit the Rotunda and the Old City.
  •  Lakes: At an altitude of 850m lie the Prespa Lakes. Admire the breathtaking view and observe the pelicans and rare birds in their natural habitat. In Kerkini, look out onto a majestic landscape, and in Heimaditida and Zazari become one of the lucky few to discover a masterly composition of colours and natural beauty.
  • Traditional settlements: Visit Nymfaio and stay at one of the lovely lodging options and meet the bears that live in the Arcturos reserve, the only one of its kind in Greece. Wander around the traditional village of Arnaias in central Halkidiki and explore the beautiful settlement of Aphitos in Kassandra.
  • Caves: Awaken your adventurous spirit in Halkidiki’s Petralona Cave, where a human skull at least 250,000 years old was discovered. The Alistratis Cave near Serres and the Angitis Cave near Drama are also worth a visit.
  • Other cities: Kastoria, with its gounaradika (legendary fur manufacturers) and aristocratic lake; Florina, with its stately mansions; Edessa, with the cascading waterfalls; and the old city of Kavala, with its unique hotel-monument, the Imaret.
  • Pindos National Park: In an isolated mountainous region between the borders of Grevena and Ioannina lies this unique ecosystem that is home to many rare plants and animals.
  • Mount Olympus: The tallest mountain and first national park of Greece is a destination in Macedonia that stands out for its astounding natural beauty – and, of course, the challenge of climbing to 2,918m.
  • Mount AthosDeservedly a Unesco World Heritage Site and an icon of Eastern Orthodoxy, Mt Athos is a truly eye-opening cultural and religious experience.
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Experience the best of Macedonia

White Tower Thessaloniki aerial view

Beyaz Kule’de Selanik’in Ruhunu Araştırın

The immense armour of King Philip II, displayed in evocatively dimmed light

Vergina’nın Kraliyet Mezarlarının ihtişamını hissedin

Hiking the Enipeas Gorge on Mount Olympus

Olimpus Dağının yürüyüş parkurlarını keşfetme

Alikes, one of most beautiful and popular beaches on the island, looking onto the Sithonia peninsula

Halkidiki’nin tek adası Ammouliani’ye açılmak

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The immense armour of King Philip II
Halkidiki’de yapılacak en iyi 10 şey
Halkidiki tatil listenizi yapılacak en iyi şeylerle başlatın (plajlar, tekne gezileri, su sporları, yiyecek ve şarap, köyler, arkeolojik alanlar ve müzeler, Athos Dağı ve daha fazlası)

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The immense armour of King Philip II, displayed in evocatively dimmed light


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